The Most Googled Celebrity Hairstyles of 2024 So Far

Published 17th Apr 2024 by hjiintern

Ever found yourself lost in a rabbit hole of internet searches, diving deeper into the world of celebrity hair transformations ready to share with your clients? Well, you’re not alone. Ripe Hair & Beauty has just unveiled the juiciest scoop of 2024: the top five most Googled celebrity hairstyles so far. So if your clients are looking for some celeb inspo, you’ve got them covered.

The Top Five Most Googled Celebrity Hairstyles

1. Harry Styles

Harry Styles is once again stealing the spotlight with his locks. Clocking in at a whopping 5,300 searches per month, the former One Direction heartthrob has fans split over his latest buzzcut escapade. Interest in the cut and its regrowth – led by magazine articles, fan accounts and social media posts – have been significant, highlighting just how important the singer’s hair is to his brand.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Who can forget the iconic ‘Rachel’ cut? Jennifer Aniston has been serving up hair inspo since the '90s, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. After all, who can forget last year’s trending C Cut, and if you’ve not already heard, the Rachel is back for 2024... With 2,200 searches for her hair every month, Jen takes second place in the list.

To get more top tips into Jennifer’s hair, read what her colourist does to make it happen.

3. Hailey Bieber

From runway to red carpet, Hailey Bieber's hair transformations have been hot topic a few times – it was just last autumn that we saw her sport the Cinnamon Cookie Butter hair trend! Most notable of all was when she chopped her hair into a short blunt bob. In February, Hailey was spotted with long, chocolate brown hair at the Superbowl, before returning to her favoured chin-skimming style which she debuted at Coachella last week. Searches for Hailey Bieber's hair top 1,500 per month, highlighting her significant influence and putting her third in the ranking. 

And Hailey's not the only celeb infected with the bobsession, you can read more about the trending hairstyle here!

4. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift came in fourth position, with 1,300 Google searches every month. Interest in the singer’s hair will no doubt have been boosted by excitement around her sell-out worldwide arena tour, Eras. In particular, Swift’s hair hit headlines in March while performing Singapore, where the humidity caused her to gain more curls as the show went on. "As you can see,” she said afterwards, “my hair has returned to its factory settings.”

5. Margot Robbie

When it comes to serving looks, Margot Robbie is the ultimate Hollywood darling. Personifying perfection with her Barbie debut, it’s no surprise that she came fifth on the list of most Googled celebrity hair, with 1,200 searches per month. Just this week, the star was pictured sporting a new lob, which will undoubtedly take the salons by storm.

From buzzcuts to blowouts, these stars are proving that when it comes to hair, you can always count on celebrity hairstyles to inspire your clients.




Published 17th Apr 2024

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