The Skinny Lob is The Chicest Cut of The Season

Published 07th Jun 2024 by Chlo Weldon

If there’s one haircut that clients can’t seem to get enough of, it’s the bob. We’ve seen the Beckham bob, butterfly bob, and the bubble bob – to name a few – gain popularity over the past year.

Which is why the Skinny Lob is proving to be one of the chicest go-to styles for those clients who don’t want to commit to a shorter length, but are still after that midi-length blunt look that celebrities such as Megan Fox, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Margot Robbie have all gone for in 2024.

We spoke to the experts on everything you need to know about this season’s chicest cut.

Introducing the Skinny Lob…

What is The Skinny Lob?

The Skinny Lob is a variation of the classic long bob hairstyle. “It’s characterised by its sleek and slim appearance, with the length typically falling just above the shoulders,” Carol Ritchie, Matrix Artist Ambassador, tells us. “The Skinny Lob is known for its clean lines and minimal layering, creating a polished and sophisticated look.”

And perhaps what makes it so appealing to clients is its versatility. “This style is a real crowd pleaser – it’s so wearable,” says Ben Brazzo, Artistic Director at Jack & The Wolfe. “It can be worn with either a centre or a side parting and is great for those clients who don’t want to go too short, or those transitioning into a longer style.”

And thanks to its simplicity and minimal layering, it’s an easy, low-maintenance style for those who are wanting a more effortless cut to manage. “There is only a soft amount of layering on the ends to add a bit of movement but as for days when clients don’t have much time, they still have the option to put their hair up,” says Ben.


Which Clients Does The Skinny Lob Suit?

Wondering which clients will suit this look the best? It’s a one cut suits all, but works best on those with longer face shapes. “It is particularly flattering for oval and heart-shaped faces as the length and sleekness of the cut help to balance out the proportions of these face shapes,” explains Carol. “However, it can also complement other face shapes such as round or square, depending on the styling and customisation of the cut.”


In terms of hair texture, straight hair naturally enhances the sleekness of the cut. “For those with naturally curly or wavy hair, the Skinny Lob can be customised to suit the texture and enhance the natural movement of the hair,” adds Carol. But it’s those clients with finer hair that this style can really appeal to. “The Skinny Lob is a style suited to those who have finer hair,” says Katie Cook, Salon Manager at BE Ironbridge. “They won’t get that sharp, blunt feel and it will be softer and more flowy.”

How To Style The Skinny Lob

In short, styling this look is all down to personal preference and customising the cut to suit the client. “For a sleek and polished look, straightening the hair with a flat iron and adding shine serum can create a sophisticated finish,” explains Carol. “Alternatively, adding loose waves or curls with a curling iron can give the hairstyle a more relaxed and effortless vibe.” And for Ben, it’s all about allowing the hair to flow and move. “It’s a very relaxed style and it’s nice to enhance the natural texture with some soft, brushed out waves.”

Whatever the styling, the Skinny Lob is nothing but chic, classy, and sophisticated!

Chlo Weldon

Chlo Weldon

Published 07th Jun 2024

Chlo writes regular content for the print magazine and website, as well as scheduling the content for HJ’s social media channels. Chlo has a master’s degree in Magazine Journalism and previously worked as Assistant Editor at craft magazine Tattered Lace. After moving to London from her small hometown to be part of the HJ team, she is loving every minute of being involved in the industry. She loves a good treatment and is on a mission for a longer and thicker mane.

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