Transitioning Clients Into the Colder Months

Published 27th Oct 2023 by Morgan Willmott

As the colder months begin, clients will be looking for transitional cuts and colours for the new seasons. So Ijan Davies, Senior Creative Artist JOICO EMEA Team Member, shares some of the best shades and techniques for clients transitioning from summer into the colder months, plus some of his top tips.


The Butterfly Cut

The Butterfly Cut has continued to be popular throughout 2023, and Ijan states winter will be no exception. Winter is a great time to get the dead ends cut off and this cut is the perfect way to do so. It will get your client's hair back to its former health whilst being on trend. This cut is not a drastic change but will provide added shape and volume. It has long layers for the illusion of length, along with shorter layering at the crown for a dramatic face frame. To perfect this technique, Ijan advises to keep the hair in each section held at 90 degrees to ensure balanced layers. It's great for all low maintenance clients.

90s Bob

The Bob is a cut that is popular every season, but Ijan thinks the 90s Bob will take centre stage this winter. The 90s Bob emphasises the blunt look but is less layered and quite triangular looking. It can be very flattering for your clients as it draws attention to the lips and elongates the neck. Ijan outlines the first step to achieve this look is to blunt cut the outline in the natural fall, ensuring the front neatly skins the jaw line. Then, create a horizontal grad by slightly elevating each section as you work up the head shape to create a scaffold effect and increase the width. This will be sure to leave your clients looking sleek and chic for transitioning into winter.


Mushroom Brown

Ijan is convinced that cool hues will be having a moment for clients in the colder months and Mushroom Brown is a perfect transitional shade. This is a multidimensional shade that starts with an ash base and is layered with lots of cool to neutral brown and blonde highlights and lowlights. Your client's skin tone and eye colour should help you decide which undertones of Mushroom Brown to pair with their natural hair. The more you look at the finished colour, you should see light grey and brown hues begin to shine through. Ijan concludes that this is ideal for all of your clients who love something a little lower maintenance.

Classic Copper

Copper is a winter staple and is a great transitional colour to welcome in the new season. Ijan explains the beauty of this colour is that there are so many shades to have fun with – think deep copper tones and auburn hues. If you really want the colour to pop, Ijan suggests starting with a nourishing hair treatment. This is absolutely needed when dealing with copper red hair and will give an added shine. Remember if your client has darker hair, you will need to lighten the hair with bleach before bringing any colour into the mix.

Cowboy Copper is another shade set to dominate salons as we enter the colder months - click here to read more.

Amber Bronzed Brown

Lastly, Ijan thinks warmer tones will also be here to stay this winter. Warm caramels and golden shades compliment the season perfectly, making this an ideal transitional colour. Amber Bronzed Brown is a colour that is complimentary for all skin tones and gives the hair a much healthier finish than other shades. Ijan adds that it can also make your clients look youthful as it adds brightness to the look. If your client didn’t want to fully commit to this colour, you can think about different techniques to bring the colour in. Ijan thinks balayage or money pieces would be a great way to give your clients their new look for winter.

Why not try colour blocking to incoporate these shades into your client's looks?

Morgan Willmott

Morgan Willmott

Published 27th Oct 2023

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