What Is The Butterfly Haircut?

Published 22nd Aug 2022
What Is The Butterfly Haircut?

One of the trending haircuts of the summer, the butterfly haircut, is a heavily layered style that adds movement (like a butterfly's wings) and versatility. 

Made popular on TikTok, the butterfly cut has found fame over the summer and fans have been loving this style for its bouncy look when worn down and the framing of the multiple layers when wearing their hair up. Matilda Djerf has long been a champion of the butterfly cut, most often seeing wearing bouncy layers, and a butterfly clip - a not so subtle nod to her favourite cut.

The name 'butterfly haircut' was coined by stylist Sunnie Brook, and is reminiscent of the 80s and 90s hairstyles we've been seeing a lot of in 2022. Whilst the butterfly cut has some similarities to the shaggier octopus there are some differences between the two - the butterfly has a much softer and feathery finish whereas the octopus has sharper layers, perfect for those wanting to achieve a grungier look.

According to Brook, the butterfly cut is suitable for clients who want to play with short hair without actually having to cut their hair off. It can be styled by separating the shorter hair at the top of the head and then pinning the bottom under.

Brook also adds that this cut can be adapted almost all hair types from medium to thick density, wavy, curly or straight. For clients with wavy or curly hair, Brook suggests cutting it dry whereas for those with straight hair she recommends adding extra bangs for a bit more movement.

And for clients that are growing out their hime haircut, the butterfly is the ideal cut for growing out those bangs.

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