The 90s Beckham Bob is Back

Published 24th Oct 2023 by Chlo Weldon

Bobs have been on the rise this year following the trending bullet bob, chopped bob, boyfriend bob, and most recently, the butterfly bob, and it seems the short tresses style is not going anywhere any time soon. This time, we’re reminiscing on one of our favourite decades as we welcome back the 90s Beckham Bob. Here’s everything you need to know…

“This is basically a take on Beckham’s bob in the 90s, Victoria Beckham bob, or even the Keira Knightly Bend it Like Beckham bob,” Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional Global Ambassador, tells us. “It’s an iconic hairstyle. On the surface it can be a sleek bob but with slightly shorter layers throughout, giving it that illustrious movement and excellent volume.”

And it’s perfect for all clients as it can be tailored to each individual. “This haircut is a great example of having a limitless style,” says Jonathan, adding: “It can be used for trickier clients or those with finer hair as you can tailor this style of bob to suit any face shape by using layers for volume and width.” But, when creating this look on your clients, it’s important to assess the hair texture, face shape and the length they are willing to go to ensure you are incorporating the right layers to accentuate the face. “Layers can contour the face and accentuate the features rather than dragging them down or hiding them,” explains Jonathan.

So, how to cut the cut? “Start with an above shoulder one length haircut, and then slightly graduate the underneath,” Jonathan advises. “Then add some soft extended long layers in through the top to keep weight at the bottom so it sits well, and not flick out at the ends. This technique will enable the client to experience some softness, movement, and ‘swish’.”

When asked if the Beckham Bob will be trending for autumn, Jonathan replied: “It’s chic. It’s timeless. It’s versatile. It can be styled naturally but also into something more refined for the red carpet, Christmas parties, or those days clients need an extra boost.” We think it’s safe to say the Beckham Bob isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Chlo Weldon

Chlo Weldon

Published 24th Oct 2023

Chlo writes regular content for the print magazine and website, as well as scheduling the content for HJ’s social media channels. Chlo has a master’s degree in Magazine Journalism and previously worked as Assistant Editor at craft magazine Tattered Lace. After moving to London from her small hometown to be part of the HJ team, she is loving every minute of being involved in the industry. She loves a good treatment and is on a mission for a longer and thicker mane.

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