What You Need to Know About the Scandi Hairline Trend

Published 18th Aug 2023 by hjiadmin

The ‘Scandi Hairline’ trend has been all over our socials this season, with clients looking to embrace a vibrant yet natural, summer blonde look. We asked the experts why it's so popular and how to recreate it the salon.

The Scandi Hairline (short for Scandinavian) has been in-demand this summer as a natural looking lightening technique, mimicking a sun-kissed look on the perimeter of clients’ hair. Danilo Giangreco, owner of Danilo Hair Boutique, summarises: “The lightening is a smooth transition from the forehead to the hair. The soft and seamless blending effect gives the illusion of natural growth and face-framing.” A much more subtle version of the ‘money-piece’, the Scandi Hairline complements clients’ complexions and looks great when tied up too. Ben Brazzo, Artistic Director at Jack & The Wolfe adds: "When the hair is worn up, it creates a flattering softness around the face while brightening it."

How to Achieve the Scandi Hairline 

Whether it’s a stand-alone treatment, or in addition to a balayage, the Scandi Hairline is acknowledged as a relatively quick and low-cost service. Perhaps this is because it can be done at the basin, making the front perimeter of the hair as accessible as possible and giving you the option to rinse for a subtle look.

To achieve the look, use a fine pintail comb to section off the hair, and paint small sections freehand. Simon Tuckwell, Director of Tuckwell & Co, says: “As we are only focusing on the perimeter of the hair, this needs to be done delicately, and freehand means we can get that extra fine detail.” Danilo Giangreco agrees that this approach allows for more control, "You can use the comb to apply less pre-lightener, which creates an even more seamless effect."

What’s more, Marlon Hawkins, Artistic Director at Brooks & Brooks London, advises to paint towards the face in order to avoid any lightener or high lift being applied directly to, or bleeding into, the hair behind. "You could even flip the painted hair forward and place foil underneath," Grace Dalgleish, Yuv UK Colour ambassador, suggests. "This will ensure the other sections of hair are protected from the bleach."

How is the Look Maintained?

Because lightener is only applied to a small section of fine hairs, the maintenance shouldn’t be too tedious. Ben Brazzo, explains: “The upkeep is minimal with a natural grow out. I would always advise aftercare such as a toner and protecting products to clients to preserve the colour’s longevity.” Ben adds that you should recommend colour depositing shampoos and conditioners to clients, as well as suggesting they return to the salon every six to 12 weeks.

However, as Siobhan Jones, Global Ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, outlines: "The larger the section of hair you colour is, the more obvious the grow out will be."

Of course, the depth of the natural base should be taken into consideration, Grace Dalgleish comments: “The Scandi Hairline works best on lighter based hair, anything from a level seven to nine. If you paint heavier with larger sectioning, the grow out will be similar to a bleach and tone. So, the result would have more contrast and more maintenance would be required.”

Does the Scandi Hairline Present Any Risks to Clients’ Hair?

As with all bleaching services, the hair can become damaged. Stacey Whyte, Director of Cheveux Salon, comments: “The hair at the hairline is so fine and fragile, you have to make sure that you don’t over-process it.” To avoid too much damage, you could use a high lift, rather than a lightener, on the hair. Grace Dalglelish explains: “If the base of the hair is darker, I would opt for a lightener and mix with a lower oxidant like a 2%. This will give you full control to monitor the lift.”

It’s also important to make sure that clients know to come to the salon to achieve the Scandi Hairline as it is dangerous for them to attempt at home as they will be applying bleach to an area close to their eyes. Also, Marlon Hawkins outlines: "When it comes to getting a top up, professionals need to make sure they reapply so clients don't get overlap."

Services at the basin might just be the next best thing, check out the wet balayage here.



Published 18th Aug 2023

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