The Boyfriend Bob is The Cut of The Season

Published 19th Dec 2022 by hjiadmin

Bobs of every stripe have quickly became the most popular cut over the years, but we feel the boyfriend bob perfectly captured the year's zeitgeist. What is the boyfriend bob I hear you ask?

The Boyfriend Bob

“The boyfriend bob is set to be the most in-demand haircut of the season, it has all the sophistication of the chic classic bob, but this blunt boxy version is way cooler than your average chop. It’s already popular on the celebrity scene with the likes of Jessica Alba, Lucy Boynton and Jennifer Lawrence spotted sporting the new ‘do,” says Emma Simmons, owner of salon 54.

“It’s a totally chic and stylish cut, perfect for those looking for something super on-trend and cool, and all the while sophisticated,” says Andrew Smith, Global Ambassador for milk_shake UK and concept official. 

“The baseline is horizontal, with the length varying between the chin and mid of the neck. Taking inspiration from the ‘curtain’ look men would have in the 90s,” explains Ellie Smith Oak, manager at Smith England. 

“It is low maintenance whilst not compromising on the stylish factor. A client seeking to try out the boyfriend bob should receive a consultation to adapt the cut to suit their face shape. When it comes to styling, it is perfect for a straight sleek polished look or a wavy edgy style depending on the products used,” says Marney Lian, Gritt London.

How Would You Cut and Style This Look?

“I usually start by taking my guidelines at the sides so I can get my desired overall length perfect. This means I know it won’t drop longer at the front, and then I can connect it to the back. Super blunt line, club-cut with scissors. If needed, you can sharpen with a clipper and undercut the hairline if any areas of hair growth patterns are affecting the line,” says Luke Benson, Creative Director of Luke Benson Hair. 

“The key is working with wide tooth combs from the start of your haircut when wet. Work with the natural movement of the hair – it’s about the details, keeping and taking away weight to personalise the cut to the individual,” Sally Brooks, Fabriq Global Ambassador, tells us. “Styling the boyfriend bob has a session to salon feel, comb through products that enhance their hair texture whilst twisting the hair and setting with flat clips whilst drying it off. Finish with your hands, a wide tooth comb or dressing brush depending on the finish you are looking for.” 

“I love styling this with some effortless, beach-like waves. I would gently tousle the hair with a curling iron and then spritz with some salt spray for a grittier appearance,” guides Andrew. “For a mega contemporary finish, I would add some choppy layer into the top of the hair. Bob meets pixie! This will be a huge trend for 2023 and elevate the boyfriend bob to the next level.”

Andrew says this style also looks beautiful paired with a fringe: “However, if the client were to incorporate this into the look, they would need to take into consideration it would be more high maintenance with regular fringe cuts and fringe styling at home.”

Care and Maintenance

“I would always recommend a treatment pre-cut to ensure the hair is in the best position for the client to style at home. For naturally textured hair, the client can just twist sections at home and airdry to keep the finish modern, effortless and simple,” says Sally. Considering how blunt and sharp this cut is, it’s important that clients are booked in for cuts regularly. “I recommend haircuts around every eight weeks, even six weeks to keep it sharp,” Ellie adds. 

Home Styling

“When it comes to styling, this style is great. A simple product like a texture spray or matte pomade can be applied to the hair to give the bob a quick messy texture. On the other hand, if the client wants to style it, they can wear it sleek or with a soft wave for a more polished look,” Andrew suggests.

“Perfect products to use for this would be a smoothing cream applied directly onto their mid-lengths and ends before blow drying. Finish off with an oil or serum to smooth down those flyaways. For an edgier look, you can add texture by adding some movement with a pair of tongs, and enhance the look with a dry texture spray,” says Chloe Passmore, INNOluxe superstar.

“The bluntness of the cut helps to give finer hair a fuller look, but for that extra ‘vavavoom’, a root powder will give fluffy fullness to really make an impact,” Emma finishes.

Be prepared for the boyfriend bob to flood into your salon - if it hasn't already!



Published 19th Dec 2022

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