Salon Masterclass 2023: Patrick Cameron on Trend-Led and Timeless Updos

Published 18th Oct 2023 by Chloe Woodland

2024 Masterclasses program coming soon.

For his first Salon International Masterclass, Patrick Cameron treated attendees to a showcase of tips, techniques, and the magic of long-hair manipulation, providing a blend of classic and contemporary styles for all to take back to the salon.

Known for his iconic step-by-step guidance, Patrick's masterclass demonstrated the fusion of timeless hairdressing techniques with cutting-edge trends. With a charismatic and informative live presentation, he masterfully delivered his expertise from the screen to the stage, creating a spectacular display of both trend-led and enduring hair up looks. "It's all about having fun with long hair, and this masterclass is all about great technique,” said Patrick.

During the Masterclass, Patrick shared details of his move to New Zealand and how this created the launch of his digital outreach program. He introduced his colleague, Marco, who plays a pivotal role in managing his social media and the creation of the latest collection, Fusion. This innovative collection involved producing intricate hairstyles on mannequin heads and leveraging artificial intelligence to transform them into realistic photoshoots. Patrick emphasised his love for mannequin head education, stating, "It's just pure technique, and then it's up to you as creatives to apply it to your customer's personality."

Patrick also reflected on receiving an MBE from Princess Anne for his outstanding contributions to the industry. He highlighted that this recognition wasn't just a personal achievement but a milestone for the entire industry.

Patrick then shared his approach of creating beautiful, straightforward hairstyles with step-by-step techniques, ensuring that the story of the hairstyle remains consistent throughout the entire process.

When asked about his sources of inspiration, Patrick said, "I continue to play with long hair, and there are days when I feel incredibly creative and on top of the world. But there are also days when it's harder to come up with something I want, especially when working on a new collection. My advice is to work as hard as you can on the days you feel creative and embrace the down days."

Patrick unveiled a series of stunning looks, including a textural, low chignon reminiscent of a seashell, “a cacophony of textures and curls held together by a ladder of hairpins”, and a bold Mohican-style quiff. He also demonstrated a playful updo using knitting needles to create volume while sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to create a look using this medium.

Patrick also emphasised the importance of adaptability in the ever-evolving world of hairstyling. "The biggest change I've seen in my career is the rise of the individual. Whether it's cutting, colouring, or long hair, we're witnessing the rise of the individual. To be successful, you have to excel at everything, from finger waves to bouffants with a 2023 twist."

Patrick also shared with the audience how to achieve the best results when it comes to long hair styling, recommending preparing the hair with a soft roller set for movement rather than curl, followed by using tongs to create cylindrical curls for hair updos.

The Fusion collection, which had just launched, features a total of eight stunning styles, reflecting the importance of balance and control in achieving precise, beautiful, and textured hair.

In closing, Patrick Cameron recapped the five looks from the Fusion collection and extended an invitation to the audience: "I'd love you to be part of my story—come and join me in my digital family."

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Chloe Woodland

Chloe Woodland

Published 18th Oct 2023

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