Salon Masterclass 2023: Jack Winn Pro on Interior Texture and Balayage Technique

Published 18th Oct 2023 by Chloe Woodland

Jack Winn Pro brought their first ever Masterclass to the UK at Salon International 2023. The session was hosted by Jack Winn, CEO, and Kimberley Michelle, creative director and educational director and supported by community colourist, Sarah, to share her experience of being part of the Jack Winn Pro network of hairdressers. This was an opportunity to see the product in action and understand the ethos and community spirit that underpins the USA brand.

A chemist by trade, Jack Winn became a hairdresser, and in doing so he brought his two loves together in a chemical reaction that launched Jack Winn Pro to the United States market 8 years ago. After their success in the US, they made the decision to launch into the UK market with a splash at Salon International.

Kimberley Michelle is a master of cutting from Toni & Guy, taking what Michelle called ‘the colour read’ as she discussed the balayage colour and cut on her model. Beginning with the cut, Kimberley worked from short to long to create a small peek-a-boo section connecting the top to the back and with detail at the perimeter length. Kimberley believes the interior texture is where hairdressers are leaving opportunity untapped and she focused part of her presentation on this area using geometric lines for contrast ensuring the lengths fall with movement. Kimberley described the interior cutting body into the hair to wake up the texture. She urged the audience to be ‘thinking hairdressers' and talked about how she finds "value in talking about the problems and the pain points that we have as stylists.”

For the balayage, Kimberley had used Jack Winn Pro Brilliant Paint to paint-up the back lightly through a very thick section and held up the hair to paint the underside and in doing so reducing foil lines.  “Painting on the underneath of the section is a bit scary, as you’re going to lay it down after, but it works. Practice once or twice, but remember most of your clients will have their hair tied up for a lot of the day, so it’s an important area not to forget about!” The result was a visual tonal movement with soft subtle highlights from surface painting with lift, movement and natural texture giving a new lightness to the look in every sense.

The talented Sarah from the Jack Winn Pro team, demonstrated the technique of close-up balayage lightening painting (colouring) with this silica-based that is easily layered but does not transfer, a thick mix that works easily into the hair.  Beginning her balayage at the back, Sarah overdirected each section to keep the tension and where she created a tension on the ridge, this is where the colour is painted. With a taut surface, the silica-based colour glides easily over the surface of the hair. With this technique in mind, Sarah worked through the crown whilst over-directing the head of hair, the aimed for result was a cascade of incredibly soft infusion.  Sarah recommended that Jack Winn Pro’s Restore, gives a modern finish, it’s not a permanent colour, but creates a rich shine to the hair, think root shadow, great for a low light or painting foils, “I try to use Jack Winn Pro Restore whenever I can, if you are going darker it’s great for the hair every time.”

The fascinating history of the Jack Winn Pro was woven into the presentation and built a picture of a dynamic, genuine brand built on science, hairdressing and community Jack Winn commented. “we are looking at community over competition and here stylists can get a better product at a better price, it is an earn by referral opportunity too.”

Chloe Woodland

Chloe Woodland

Published 18th Oct 2023

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