Salon Masterclass 2023: Toni & Guy's 60th Anniversary

Published 18th Oct 2023 by Chloe Woodland

Toni & Guy celebrated their 60th anniversary in style at Salon International 2023 with a Masterclass led by the brand’s creative director and previous British Hairdresser of the year, Cos Sakkas. 

In a perfect display of innovation and creativity, the brand showcased their evolution over the past six decades with an exciting collection that fused the past, present, and future of hairdressing.

Beginning the masterclass, Cos said: "We, as hairdressers, love to share education as we push boundaries and share ideas for Toni & Guy's 60th anniversary. We've created an incredible 72 campaigns and collections over those years."

The Masterclass showcased models inspired by each decade of the brand's rich history, from the freehand techniques of the 1960s to the cutting-edge artistry seen at London Fashion Week today.

The "Unfold" collection featured models displaying bright and bold colours harmoniously paired with cutting-edge cuts. Jo O'Neill, technical director of the collection, reflected on the brand's journey over the years. "It's the accumulation of all these decades that makes the collection unfold," she said.

Charley Henerey introduced a brand-new technique, "The Pearl," inspired by Toni & Guy's 1977 collection and the Baroque era's vivid colours. This innovative approach uses freehand techniques and modern knowledge to create a unique and asymmetric feel.

Michaela Verdoli presented the "Glitch" collection, drawing inspiration from the Y2K collection and the blurred lines between reality and fantasy. Emmanuele Temperlini showcased the "Vivienne" technique, embracing gender-neutral shapes and colour, emphasising the distinction between light and dark.

Stuart Motuska introduced the "Futura Libertas" sub-collection, inspired by Eastern European architecture and the Chromatic collection from 1993. The colour palette resonated with the dusty and dishevelled murals of beautiful, abandoned buildings, while Francesco Fontana shared looks from a collection inspired by Alexander McQueen and Francesca Sleighthome showcased the "Mimi" technique from the Arya collection, focusing on futuristic styles and subtle stone and beige tones.

The event also featured the unveiling of a new label.m campaign, celebrating the power of hair products, and Efi Davies took the stage to showcase the collection which aims to empower all hair lengths and textures. The event highlighted the importance of preparation in creating London Fashion Week looks, including insider tricks for achieving stunning hairstyles.

The cutting section of the "Unfold" collection was expertly demonstrated by Daniele De Angelis, Sam Elliot, and Dexter Johnston, showcasing diverse techniques and inspirations.

The Masterclass featured an array of incredible colours, taking inspiration from 1970s punk subculture to achieve fluid, versatile looks with bold and beautiful tones. The collection highlighted the power of personalising hair textures using asymmetrical panels and merging strength and softness with modern twists, redefining the boundaries of contemporary hairdressing and celebrating the brand's illustrious 60-year journey.

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Chloe Woodland

Chloe Woodland

Published 18th Oct 2023

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