How to Style a Wolf Cut with Ky Wilson

Published 07th Jul 2023 by charlottegw

Ky Wilson reveals his step-by-step guide on styling the effortlessly cool Wolf Cut, for BaByliss PRO and HJ.

Follow the six steps below to re-create the look and keep scrolling to see the video tutorial.

  1. Wash and condition the hair, then scrunch dry. Use an old cotton t-shirt or disposable towel to remove the water without roughing up the hair and creating too much frizz.

2. Apply a curl building serum or curl oil gel generously through the hair. If the hair isn’t wavy or curly try adding in a texture spray, cream or mousse to help create some grit and stability in the hair.

3. You have to find what works for your client, but for this occasion I went through the majority of the hair and twisted the hair to manipulate the curls and encourage more movement.

4. Using a hairdryer, attach your diffuser and select the medium heat and medium speed setting. Observe how the hair is drying and use your fingers to make the hair go the way you want it to.

5. Using a medium sized tong (for this I used my go-to BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 25mm Tong) work through the hair and create some more waves to really get the most out of this look. Waving the hair in different directions, making each wave fight against the one it’s next to, offers up a much more natural look.

6. Use a texture spray or dust to help hold the style in place and allow you to tweak throughout the day. Because you’ve achieved a matte texture with the spray or dust, mist over a little shine spray to give the hair a healthy look. It will also help to create more definition and separation between the hair.




Published 07th Jul 2023

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