4 Hairstyles from the Barbie Movie that are Actually Wearable

Published 10th Jul 2023 by Morgan Willmott

With the release of the highly anticipated Barbie movie around the corner, the world is obsessing over sneak peeks of Barbie actor Margot Robbie's hair looks- in fact, the hashtag #barbiehairstyles has already reached 8 million views on TikTok.  So, we asked the experts how to achieve some of the fun (more wearable!) stand-out styles from the film, just in case your clients are inspired by any of the looks.

The Barbie ponytail

Inspired by the original Barbie from 1959, the movie trailer begins with Margot Robbie embracing her iconic high ponytail, complete with cute corkscrew curled micro-bangs. The ponytail has already gone viral, with 106.9 million views on TikTok with related hashtags.

To recreate this look, first place the ponytail so it suits your client's face and head shape. Lisa Carter, owner of The Crowning Stylist, has a clever way of finding the perfect ponytail position, "I usually go for a 45° angle up from your client's jaw line." Then wrap a small section of the hair around the hair tie to conceal it, and use a dry wax spray to smooth any fly-away hairs.

The curled bangs are a cute addition to the ponytail and one that makes it undeniably Barbie-esque. They are relatively easy to achieve using a small barrel curling iron or heated rollers – and the curled micro-fringe can actually be more versatile than it looks. Brooks and Brooks assistant, Becky Hare, explains:"Any client can have this fringe as the curl will bounce the fringe up and turn it into a micro fringe. It's a trendy fringe without the cutting commitment."

What's more, for curly clients, Marina Hodgins, owner of Fringe Benefits, points out: "They can embrace their natural texture and work with its natural movement, pairing the micro-bangs with soft waves or loose curls for a modern, more relatable look."

Click here to check out the ponytail in action on Instagram.

Flicked-up ends

Barbie's hair wouldn't be complete without her flicked-up ends. The ultimate flicks actually work on clients with finer hair types. With the addition of products and heat the hair will hold the flicks for longer, says Cimone Cheveux, Artistic Hair Stylist.

Lisa from The Crowning Stylist, advises: "Take three, neat square inch sections and blow dry with a medium sized round brush. Smoothe the ends before rolling up and letting cool. For extra hold and bounce, pin each section in place to cool down." 

Find the flicked-up ends Instagram image here.

Bouncy, half-up half-down blow dry

Here Margot Robbie wears a beautifully soft and bouncy half-up, half-down hair style, complete with a pink bow. Ria Kulik, North Western Hairdresser of the Year and owner of The HairBank, summarises the style: "It’s perfect for anyone that wants to wear their hair down, but wants a little bit of height at the crown. It’s a simple style that is carefree and easy to wear, and is ideal for both freshly washed hair or hair that’s on its third day."

Before blow drying the hair with a round brush, Ria recommends prioritising the prep of the hair; add a dry shampoo for volume at the teased crown area, plus you can add a plait or knot there to hide limp lengths.