Dispelling Hair Myths

Published 18th Jun 2024 by Admin

Since the advent of social media, myths are becoming more prevalent, and with beauty influencers posing as experts in their field, the chances of misinformation spreading to your clients is increasing. As the true expert, it’s your job to separate the wheat from the chaff, guiding your clients on the ‘hacks’ that are worthwhile, and those that are simply a waste of time. Here, trichologist Iain Sallis and colourist Lisa Shepherd share their insight…

Lemon Will Bleach Your Hair

“This is true. Lemon juice will naturally lighten hair, especially in sunshine, due to the acidic pH value of the lemon,” explains Lisa. “However, I wouldn't advise it because it will destroy the hair from inside out, as you're not counterbalancing the pH level in the hair.”

Hair Should Be Brushed 100 Times a Day

“This is false,” says Iain. “The act of brushing hair that much would rough up the cuticles and damage the hair quite a lot. It's best to just brush it until it is tangle free.” He also adds that it’s best to avoid excessive brushing when the hair is wet, as this is when the hair is at its most vulnerable, and the most damage will occur.

Tomato Ketchup Will Neutralise Colour 

“This hair myth is true,” Lisa acknowledges. “Unbelievably, tomato ketchup will neutralise unwanted green tones in the hair, usually caused by chlorine. The red pigment added to the product helps to neutralise this – although it is rather smelly.” As an alternative, why not suggest your clients apply a protective hair mask before swimming, which will not only protect the hair colour, but also the hair’s health.

Pull Out One Grey Hair and Two Will Grow Back 

“This is false – a myth which is wrapped around a psychological illusion,” says Iain. “You are looking for grey hairs, which means you’ll find more grey hairs.”

Using Too Many Protein Treatments Will Cause Damage

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Published 18th Jun 2024

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