5 Reasons you Should be Offering Afro Services in Your Salon

Published 15th Sep 2017 by hjiadmin

If you’re not already offering Afro services in your salon, why not? Here, Charlotte Mensah, part of HJ's Afro Hairdresser of the Year Hall of Fame and owner of The Hair Lounge, London provides five reasons for offering Afro hair services in your salon.

  1. You'll be prepared for a booming market

The Afro and mixed-race hair market is growing. Over 1.2 million people across Britain describe themselves as 'mixed' and the mixed race category is the third largest and fastest growing ethnic minority group. By learning how to look after different hair types, you’ll be prepared for the growing demand.

  1. You can grow a more diverse clientele 

In this economic climate, few salons can afford to turn clients away. If you're trained in this market, you'll be ready and confident to look after the hair of any potential client with Afro or mixed-race hair if they contact your salon. What’s more, by actively promoting the fact that you cater for everyone, you’ll also attract a larger and more diverse client base. 

  1. You'll grow your revenue

Catering to a wider clientele will, in turn, help to increase your revenue. What’s more, the Afro-Caribbean market is booming thanks to the fact that these clients typically spend eight times more on hair and beauty services, compared to their European hair counterparts. Female clients in particular place a strong emphasis on having the right treatments and products for their hair. If your salon joins forces with a specialist product partner, whose products are specifically created for curly hair types, you will also have the potential of boosting retail sales too.

  1. It will increase your skills as a hairdresser

As a hairdressing expert, it’s great to be able to cater for all hair types and curl patterns. Just as you train in colour and extensions, for example, by having Afro hairdressing expertise you and your team will be demonstrating that you’re all-round hair professionals.

  1. You'll have an advantage on the competition 

Unless you’re based in a remote location, it’s unlikely that you’ll be the only salon in your town/city/village. Expanding your menu means you have the potential to give your salon a unique selling point, as your competitors may not offer Afro services. 

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Published 15th Sep 2017

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