10 Reasons To Enter HJ's British Hairdressing Business Awards

Published 20th Mar 2024 by hjiadmin

The entry deadline for the British Hairdressing Business Awards 2024 is just around the corner (Friday 5 April!), and if you’ve never entered but think this year could be your year, here are 10 great reasons why you should…

You’ll Get Lots of Publicity

As well as coverage across our website, social media channels and our print magazine, your local press will be thrilled to hear about a national win – everyone loves a success story!

You’ll Attract Better Staff

The team that helped you win are obviously doing a great job, but when it comes to attracting new members of staff or growing your team, boasting an award for your business skills is bound to attract a high calibre of hairdresser.

You’ll Find Out Things You Never Knew About Your Business

Nothing helps you focus on your salon’s strengths and weaknesses like listing them for other people to read. Putting together an entry will allow you to take a long, hard look at your business – what works, what doesn’t, and where exactly you see yourself going.

It’s Good News for Clients – New and Old

Clients love hearing about their salon’s success – knowing that your hairdresser is an award-winner is a huge ego boost, as well as making them feel proud to promote you to their friends. For new clients picking a new salon from a seemingly endless list, one that has won national awards is naturally going to leap to the top of the list.

It Makes You a Credible Business

From meetings with the bank to promoting yourself a successful local employer amongst local school-leavers, a trophy saying you’re the best in the business makes you more credible in everyone’s eyes.

It Motivates The Team

A successful entry should include the entire team’s contribution – not just one person at the very top saying what they think is working. From the receptionist to the top stylist, make sure everyone is involved and make sure they’re all part of the process. And what better night out could there be than a team trip to a glitzy hotel in London for the finals?

It Raises Your Profile in the Industry

Whether it’s entering other awards, gaining press coverage, or just being known as experts, a win or place on the shortlist is great for raising your profile in the industry, whatever your end goal is.

It Separates You From the Competition Locally

There’s no shortage of salons these days – even on one local high street, it’s easy to face stiff competition. Having a strong reputation is everything and a prize win can really separate you from other salons in your local area.

You’ll Gain a Sense of Achievement

Entering any awards is a great achievement and while it may be a cliché, it’s also true that making the shortlist is a great achievement and one to shout about with your local press.

It’s Free!

You’ve got nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain – so why wouldn’t you enter the awards? It’s worth spending plenty of time on a quality entry, but it’s time well spent. Whether you make the shortlist or not, thinking about what you’re most proud of as a team and producing a document presenting that information is a worthwhile task for any business.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those entries in now!



Published 20th Mar 2024

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