Top Tips For Creating a Successful British Hairdressing Business Awards Entry

Published 27th Feb 2024 by hjiadmin

With the entry deadline for HJ’s British Hairdressing Business Awards 2024 drawing close, we asked some of last year’s winners for their tips on creating a successful entry.

Laura Leigh Kerr, Academy Director at Rainbow Room International and x2 Winner of Educator of the Year 

  1. Read the requirements: Check all the rules and exactly what you need along with the format so you aren't scrambling about on deadline day trying to change things and make them fit.
  2. Be prepared: Set aside time and a place to concentrate. We are generally great at multitasking, but when it comes to putting pen to paper and bigging ourselves up, it becomes difficult and we can get easily distracted.
  3. What's the motivation? Why do you do what you do? When entering these awards you need to do some soul searching and wear your heart on your sleeve. Don't just answer the questions, you want the judges to feel like they know you.

Ceri Cushen, Winner of Salon Stylist of the Year 

  1. What's your why? Think about the reasons you chose a career as a hairstylist, and write everything down so you can simplify later. 
  2. Create a mission statement. What sets you apart from others? Think about your key strengths and use them as the basis of your statement. 
  3. Put yourself in your client's shoes. I found this really helpful. Replaying the journey a client has with you makes you realise all the little extras you do that has become part of your service. They may not seem important at the time, but when you focus on these you realise what you offer is very special.
  4. Ask your clients for honest feedback. This not only helps you understand your service better, it helps you improve on it. 
  5. Learn, learn, learn! As stylists we never stop learning – it becomes second nature. Don't be afraid to shout about it. 
  6. Talk about new skills you've learnt and skills you haven't yet mastered. This shows a willingness to evolve as a stylist. 

Melenie Tudor, En Route Hair, Winner of Sustainable Salon of the Year

  1. Believe in yourself. You have to be in it to win it. Don't think you haven't got a chance and only the big boys win as this isn't the case. 
  2. Don't wait until the last minute to look back on things you've done throughout the year – you'll have forgotten half of it. Every time you or the salon do anything that will be important in an entry, make a note of it and take pictures and videos. 
  3. Make it a team effort. Get all the team helping out – it's a really good team-building exercise. 
  4. Make your entry a little quirky and interesting. This will make it stand out from the other entries.

Fergal Doyle, Fergal Doyle Hair, Winner of Independent Salon – Business Newcomer 

  1. Be authentic: Share your journey – the good, the bad, and the lessons you have learned that made your journey a success. Judges appreciate honesty and a genuine story about your salon's successes, challenges, and triumphs. 
  2. Be innovative: Highlight unique strategies or approaches that set your salon apart from the competition. Whether it's home-grown techniques, sustainability promises, or community engagement plans, showcasing innovation captures attention. 
  3. Blow your own trumpet! Discuss the positive impact your salon has had on clientele, team memebers, and your community. Share the data and results where possible to demonstrate the outcome of your efforts. 
  4. Be attentive: Pay meticulous attention to the entry criteria and guidelines. Ensure all necessary facts, figures, documents, graphs, visuals, and testimonials are included and presented professionally. 
  5. Showcase your brand: Let your salon's personality shine through in your entry. Whether it's through visual elements, tone of voice, or overall presentation, ensure consistency with your brand identity. 

Be Honest and Authentic: It's crucial to showcase your true self and unique story. Judges appreciate authenticity, so don't be afraid to share your journey, challenges, and successes honestly.

Melissa Timperley, Melissa Timperley Salons, Winner of Salon of the Year 1 and Salon Team of the Year

  1. Get Your Finances Up to Date: This might seem like a no-brainer, but ensuring your financial records are in order demonstrates professionalism and reliability. It also gives judges confidence in your ability to manage your business effectively.
  2. Take Your Time and Prepare Early: Rushing through your entry rarely produces the best results. Start early, carefully review the requirements, and give yourself plenty of time to craft a compelling submission. No one likes leaving it until the last minute!
  3. Stay on Topic: It's essential to stay focused on the category's theme throughout your submission. Straying off-topic can confuse judges and detract from the overall impact of your entry.
  4. Have Fun with Your Entry: Let your creativity shine! Don't be afraid to inject personality into your submission - making your entry engaging and enjoyable to read can set you apart from the competition.

Make sure you get your British Hairdressing Business Awards 2024 entries in before Friday 5 April 2024 for your chance to be crowned live on stage!



Published 27th Feb 2024

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