Zen's Middle East Training Is Digitised

Published 04th Aug 2023 by hjiadmin

Zen Luxury Extensions has announced their collaboration with Gammoh Cosmetics Trading to digitise a series of training modules for hairdressers in the UAE.

Zen is continually expanding around the world, but one of its early brand adopters was in the Middle East, where the salons and salon clients demanded the finest quality extensions available on the market.

In 2016, two brothers Rakan and Rayan Gammoh, started off as Zen Hair distributors in Jordan. Then, they expanded to UAE in 2019 and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2020.

Johnny Yip, Managing Director of Zen, comments: "Rakan and Rayan have been growing the Middle East region very successfully as a trusted supplier of Zen Luxury Extensions. By doing so, they are effectively a distributor in three regions under the company name Gammoh Cosmetics Trading Co LLC."

Gammoh Cosmetics Trading has now collaborated with Zen Hair's ambassador for the Middle East, Stephen Eales, to make a series of hair extension training videos in digital modules. These digital training modules are then sold as online training courses to qualified hairdressers in the UAE who hold accounts with them.

The modules take the user through:

• An introduction to Zen Hair & the product range
• Prepping clients’ hair
• Application of tape extensions
• Cutting in and styling of extensions
• Maintenance and aftercare of extensions
• Removal of extensions
• Re-fitting of extensions after maintenance

zen middle east training

The digital training modules are produced with both Arabic sub-titles and the option to select voice sound-over in Arabic to cater to their audience.

Certification is also available by the use of sending out training heads to the students, and allowing them to send back fitted extensions on a training head to assess their ability.

Johnny says: "Traditionally, Zen HQ have always had a hands-on, face-to-face approach to training. We have our educators attend the salons for in-house training or salons visit our training premises. We feel is the way to get the best outcome from the learning."

He also adds: "This digitisation of training courses and source of information is a first for Zen Hair, and is being adopted and well received by UAE. It may be a success due to differing cultural and logistical issues, but could this be a sign of things to come for the Western education programme?”



Published 04th Aug 2023

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