What to know when you're colouring short hair

Published 17th May 2019 by rachael
What to know when you're colouring short hair Does colouring short hair require any special rules? We caught up with A-list colourist Tasha Stevens to find out what you need to know when working with shorter styles. "Colouring really short hair is actually easier than most people think, as there isn't as much hair to worry about," says Tasha. "You don't have to go through the hair section by section or worry about overlapping, which makes the overall process much quicker. "You do need to be careful not to use too much product, as there isn't a lot of hair for the colour to sit on. You also don't need a huge amount of colour as applying too much colour can lead to the colour slipping down the neck or around the hairline. As the hairline is visible you need to apply the colour very carefully to avoid staining the skin. Colouring extremely short hair is definitely a way to make a style statement!" Feeling inspired? Take a peep through the gallery below to see some of our favourite super-short, super-colourful styles. Image credit: Schwarzkopf Professional Young Artistic Team 2018


Published 17th May 2019

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