What Is The Mob Wife Aesthetic?

Published 01st Feb 2024 by Sian Jones

Clean Girl is out, Mob Wife is in. That’s according to Kayla Trivieri, who stated via her TikTok that “bold glamour is making a comeback”, and this includes leopard print, fur coats and of course big hair. "This louche amalgamation of fur coats, leather and leopard really started emerging the first week of 2024 when TikTokkers declared it the year of the mob wife," says Rory Antonio, Rory Antonio Hair & Beauty Lab. 

@ktrivz manifesting a 24 carat diamond tennis necklace to match my mob wife energy #greenscreen ♬ original sound - kayla trivieri

So, what defines the Mob Wife aesthetic? “It’s much more than just fur coats and gold earrings. The Mob Wife aesthetic embodies resilience, and confidence —a figure of strength navigating the maze of organised crime with grace and style,” says Brian Leo McCallum, Owner of Roar Hair and Beauty. 

The hairstyles that are emblematic of the Mob Wife aesthetic range from the big, bouncy blow outs and blunt bobs to the stacked updo. Think Edie Falco’s Carmela Soprano in ‘The Sopranos’ or Michelle Pfeiffer’s flicked bob as Elvira Hancock in Scarface. "I love the big hair with loads of volume and movement that embraces the rich biscuit, caramel, golds, and chocolate tones, which when accessorised with chunky gold jewellery and bold eyes and lips, set this maximalist look off to perfection," says OSMO Technical Educator, Terry Longden. 

The Mob Wife aesthetic takes a simple shape and elevates the look with an almost overworked styling, explains Holly Rudge, Freelancer at Stā Studios, telling us: "The bob trends we’ve been seeing a lot of lately exhibit more face-framing layers and long fringes which lend themselves perfectly to the bouncy blowout." Think side partings with over-the-top root lift. Mid lengths with ends perfectly rolled under and longer styles with a backcombed crown to create lift which is then expertly smoothed for that expensive finish."

Is The Mob Wife Aesthetic Here To Stay?

“This is a short branch off the overarching old money macro trend that was a progression from the quiet luxury trend of 2023," says Tom Smith, ‘The Hairvoyant’. "In an era of social media trends driving things forward, the Mob Wife trend will not last longer than the current season, but is a fun, additional arm to old money with a hint of exaggerated glamour opulence, and a provocative, ‘mob’ edge.”

Tom goes on to explain that the details of the Mob Wife aesthetic fit perfectly into the spring hair trends of side swept hair and deep side partings, due to the luxurious and voluminous effect. “This spring we see a firm push towards deep side partings for short cuts, bobs, longer styles and even fringes too. The deep side parting gives a drama to any style.”

“In addition to these, we will also see a further increase in the existing trend of oversized, glamorous and voluminous round, brush, blow, dries, with high shine, healthy hair, and exaggerated root lift. This will be seen throughout various lengths and styles from chin to longer lengths. It’s also likely to spark additional interest in the use of extensions, not just for length, but for thickness too.”

How To Achieve The Mob Wife Blowout

Brian Leo McCallum shares his tips for the perfect Mob Wife Blowout

·       Prep the Hair: Start by washing the hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner to add body and texture. Towel dry gently to remove excess water without causing frizz.

·       Apply Styling Products: Work a volumising mousse or root lift spray through damp hair, focusing on the roots for added lift. I personally love Goldwell Style Sign Ultra Volume Blowdry Spray, as it’s perfect for creating the bouncy blow. For extra hold and shine, apply a small amount of heat protectant serum or cream from mid-length to ends.

·       Section and Blow Dry: Divide the hair into manageable sections, clipping away the top layers. Begin drying the bottom sections using a round brush, starting from the roots and pulling downwards to smooth and add volume. Use a concentrator nozzle on your blow dryer to direct airflow and control frizz.

·       Create Volume: Once the bottom sections are dry, focus on the top layers. Use a round brush to lift the roots and create volume, aiming the dryer airflow upward. Roll the brush away from the face for a flattering frame around the hairline.

·       Set and Cool: Once each section is dry, switch your dryer to the cool setting and give the hair a blast of cool air to set the style and add shine. This step helps seal the cuticle and maintain volume throughout the day.

·       Finishing Touches: To finish the look, apply a light-hold hairspray or volumising spray such as Goldwell Stylesign Perfect Hold Magic Finish to lock in the style without weighing the hair down. Use your fingers to gently tousle the hair for a natural, lived-in finish.

"There is something nostalgic about the glamorous yet messy appeal of teased hair, smoky makeup, and the bigger-the-better outfits," enthuses Rory. "These big-blowouts and updo's are nothing groundbreaking but they are fabulous, and even if you choose not to participate in this trend, you can still bear witness to all its glorious, gaudy, over-the-top loudness - and quite frankly, I’m here for it!"

Sian Jones

Sian Jones

Published 01st Feb 2024

Sian is Deputy Editor on HJ and supports Editor, Charlotte, in the delivery of content for the HJ print magazine, website and social media, she is also Editor of Modern Barber magazine. Sian has over ten years’ experience writing for print publications covering Youth & Children, TV & Entertainment and Lifestyle. She graduated with a degree in journalism, and whilst studying was nominated for the Guardian Digital Journalist of the Year award in 2011. She has never been afraid to take risks with her hair when it comes to cut and colour but is fiercely protective of its healthy shine.

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