These Copper Hair Trends Are in Demand For 2023

Published 16th Jan 2023
These Copper Hair Trends Are in Demand For 2023

After the surge of copper hair in 2022, it looks like copper hair trends aren't going anywhere soon. Last year celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Sydney Sweeney and Phoebe Dynevor were seen sporting red locks and their millions of followers swiftly followed suit, but with that came a multitude of names for all the different colours of the copper rainbow.

“It became a social media talking point when we saw Kendall Jenner make the transformation to copper/auburn hair in Autumn 2022. The key success of going copper is you can create this tone to suit all skin tones by creating cooler or warmer coppers and you can adjust the depth of the copper to suit natural blondes and brunettes. It can also make your hair look thicker and really glossy and shiny," advises Carolyn Newman, UK Ambassador INSIGHT Professional.

Here at HJ we take a look at the current copper hair trends doing the rounds online and what they mean for your clients.

Cowgirl Copper

What makes this copper ‘cowgirl’? According to hair stylist and TikTok forecaster, Tom Smith, cowgirl copper takes its inspiration from the warm tones of the western aesthetic and is tipped to be in demand for 2023. “This is the colour for those scared of intense orange tones,” Tom told Glamour.

Jordanna Cobella, Wella Top Artist UK, explains: "After periods of uncertainty people tend to embrace warmer, richer tones that are nourishing and optimistic. We're seeing this trend transfer across to hair, with clients embracing warm golden honeycomb tones post pandemic." As such, Robert Eaton, Wella UK & Ireland Technical Director, predicts: "A big trend will be super glossy hair. Expect golden glosses, caramels and slightly warmer tones that are highly polished." 

Tiger Blonde

That’s right, tiger blonde is the copper shade that’s growing momentum.  

"For clients that want more warmth, this is the perfect time to refresh the tone with a honey or peach balayage rather than a lighter blonde; add a few pieces round the face, or through the top, for a softer copper tone. This way they are introduced to copper without having to commit to a full head," shares Paul Dennison for L'Oréal Professionnel. 


Girl-Next-Door Copper is the ultimate blend of copper and gold. Douglas Reid, Eleven Australia Educator tells us: “This trend is about keeping the hair natural looking, light reflective, and not too bold.” Laura Thornhill, Moroccanoil Educator recommends using Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask in Copper and Bordeaux to maintain the perfect copper tones.

Knowing Your Client's Shade

When it comes to copper, knowing your clients' colour preferences is key, especially when it comes to trying out a whole new shade together. Any colourist knows that colours are not one shade suits all', and it is your job to guide your client towards the best colour for their skin tone whilst meeting their expectations.

Pale skin with cool undertones and red hair are a natural combination, however medium to dark skin tones with warm undertones can also make this colour work for them by opting for a bold, more fiery shade. Danilo Giangreco, Revlon Professional creative artist, notes: "It's also quite typical for natural redheads with fair skin to have warm undertones, not cool. In that case, opting for a copper, instead of red, is a very flattering choice."

There are, of course, always exceptions to the rules, with Terry Longden, Matrix artist ambassador, explaining: "Vibrant shades can also work well for pale complexions - if your goal is to appear even paler." Meanwhile, Heffy Wheeler, Pulp Riot artist, shares: "Copper can be for everybody depending on how you do it - you can put copper on the ends so it's not next to their skin." 

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