Is This the Era of Boring Hair? The Millennial Mid-length Style That's Taking Over

Published 16th Jan 2023 by akesha

We've all heard of 'Instagram Face' and how we are all starting to look the same, but could a similar thing be said about our hair? With so much inspiration being thrown at consumers at every angle via social it's no wonder that the rise of Instagram hair, aka the millennial mid-length style is a concern for some stylists and colourists.

Instagram expectations have been a concern for colourists for a while now with clients entering the salon with unrealistic expectations for vibrant, quick-wearing colours that are often unachievable in just one appointment.

However this Instagram trend is different; the colour, cut and finish of this look is the highly wearable and easy to maintain for the client. It's the kind of style that doesn't require many salon visits for upkeep and suits almost anyone. The mid-length style with loose, undone waves has been a hit with millennial clients and the trend isn't going anywhere.

"Mid-length hair with balayage through the ends is a pretty, feminine style that is celebrity driven. What is there not to love? It’s easy to manage, easy to maintain, its suitability levels are universal," says Cos Sakkas, international artistic director at Toni & Guy.

But is there a way to take it up a level and give it a unique twist without losing any of the ease that attracts clients to it in the first place? "The best way to update and add some fresh detail is through the colour. Style-wise, it’s a great length to backcomb and gently pull into a messy beehive, or add a peek-a-boo fringe," advises Cos.

Padraig O'Cathain, artistic director of Gina Conway agrees, "If I were to advise my clients to steer away from the wavy balayage look I would recommend styling in a new cut. Adding in a fringe or layers specifically designed to the face shape can instantly change the look. So if clients are frightened about drastically changing their look, a simple cut can make all the difference, with or without changing the balayage."

The balayage boom has meant that colourists have been hit with a decline in colour refresh appointments;  something that Sharon Malcolm, owner of Sharon Malcolm Hairdressing has definitely noticed. "Although balayage of many varieties is still popular this has meant that maintenance and upkeep to client's hair hasn’t been as frequent as it would be if they had other colour services."

However not everyone agrees that this is a look that needs to be altered, some hairdressers believe it should also be embraced. Yes it might mean your portfolio lacks diversity in creativity but if your column is full, your execution is flawless and your customers are happy then what's not to love?

If your column is full, your execution is flawless and your customers are happy then what's not to love?

"'Lazy girl' hair as a trend has been around for a long time and is not going away just yet," says Sally Brooks, British Hairdresser of the Year. "I don’t think it’s boring on anyone who gets it right– experiment with tones, fringes and bespoke colours to make it more interesting. There is a currently a move towards more natural looks and wellbeing so we will see long hair and balayage around for a long time. It’s not a 'lazy girl' look anymore, it’s all about high maintenance and an attention to quality."

Whatever your stance is on the mid-length millennial look there doesn't seem to be any stopping it. So embracing it with tweaks and customisation is the best way to personalise for each client. 

Lead image Sebastian Dumitru via Unsplash  



Published 16th Jan 2023

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