Style 101: The Buzzcut

Published 01st Mar 2024 by hjiadmin

One of the ultimate statement looks for a woman is the buzzcut. It screams attitude, strength and rebellion. But is it right for everyone?

The buzzcut is a strong look. It’s literally about paring hair back to the minimum, showcasing the face and the facial features, and there's no denying that a number of female celebrities have worn it well. Back in 1997, Demi Moore sported the style for her role in the movie G.I. Jane, one of her most iconic looks, and celebs such as MJ Rodriguez, Saweetie, Jordan Alexander, Cara Delevingne, and Kristen Stewart have all embraced the buzzcut and carried it off to striking effect. 

Buzzcut Consultation is Key

We spoke to Room 97 Creative Owner Marcello Moccia who says: “A buzzcut represents a dramatic change for most women and once done, hair is going to take some time to grow back. If a client requests a buzzcut, as the hair professional, it’s your job to ensure they are 100% sure it’s what they want and that it will deliver the desired end result.”

A big trend amongst buzzcuts seems to be combining the cut with a striking colour. Bold, bright tones can lift the cut and add to the powerful statement already being made by the length. Instagram is awash with buzzcuts featuring everything from citrus green to pink leopard print. 

Buzzcut Top Tips

  1. For many clients, requesting a buzzcut could be down to a lack of satisfaction with their current hairstyle; they may be looking for a complete transformation, but are they really aware just how dramatic a transformation like the buzzcut will bring?
  2. Before reaching for the clippers, ensure you carry out a thorough consultation. Chat through their reasons for opting for a buzzcut and make sure they are ready for how different they will look once it’s done.
  3. As a general rule, if a client has larger facial features, a buzzcut will accentuate these and the result could be quite harsh. If you, as the stylist, feel the look won’t suit the client’s face shape or features, perhaps suggest something softer, such as a crop, with some length on top of the head.
  4. Ensure the client has a healthy-looking scalp before executing a buzzcut. Perhaps suggest a suitable in-salon treatment to help soothe any irritation and to clear the scalp of any loose skin particles.
  5. If the buzzcut is what the client wants — go for it! The results can be stunning.

Get The Look

  • On long hair, remove length first to the nape at the back of the hair and to just above the ears at the sides, using scissors, or utilise a horizontal cutting motion with the blade of the clipper minus any guard.
  • Choose the right clipper guard for the desired length (maybe start with a grade 3 or 4, as you can always go over the hair again with a shorter grade length if required).
  • Holding the clipper guard flat against the forehead, begin cutting from front to back.
  • Move the clipper back down the middle of the head slowly past the crown.
  • Repeat in strips until the entire top is clipped down; cut everything to just past the point where the head rounds into the sides.


Published 01st Mar 2024

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