Salon Masterclass 2023: Sassoon on Technique, Creativity and Discipline

Published 18th Oct 2023 by Chloe Woodland

The Sassoon Masterclass at Salon International brought together hairdressing enthusiasts and professionals from around the world. Hosted by Vidal Sassoon international creative director, Mark Hayes, this year's event promised a captivating look-and-learn presentation focused on innovative craftsmanship and pure technique.

Hayes set the stage for an extraordinary journey, saying: "In so many ways, this year feels like such an exciting time for the brand, and with our new House of Sassoon London location, the team is in the mood to be more inspirational than ever. Join us on our journey for a new evolution of the brand."

The masterclass was all about breathing life into the discipline, methodology, and creativity that the Vidal Sassoon Academy is known for. Members of the International Colour and Creative Teams demonstrated individual looks that showed how to create modern, desirable, and mood-setting hair. As Mark puts it: "Of course, we are always inspired by our heritage, and that will find its way into our new ideas, in cool and perhaps unexpected ways."

The sell-out event showcased the brand's visionary work and the technical expertise of the Sassoon Creative Team to Salon International's global audience. Through innovative and inspiring presentations, the hairdressing powerhouse continues to push boundaries and produce looks that resonate with a diverse audience.

Starting with a long look, Mark created a style inspired by Celine, recognising that in today's salon age, people seek interesting long hair. As he worked his scissor-magic, Mark shared his remarkable 46-year journey with Sassoon, offering invaluable advice and lessons on how to achieve success and emphasised the importance of proactivity

Mark also discussed the concept of "a haircut with value," underlining that it's all about suitability and understanding the individual. Technique, in his view, is the secret sauce that makes the hair appear effortlessly beautiful. He encouraged listening with ears, eyes, and heart during consultations, emphasising that communication is the key to a successful outcome.

Reviewing the brand’s collections and techniques, Mark highlighted their adaptability to various hair lengths and textures, speaking of the importance of synergistic collaboration and the never-ending quest for knowledge, even sharing his own journey of going back to school to learn photography.

Mark was then joined on stage by Silvia Salerno and Daniel McCourt. Silvia captivated the audience with her 20s-inspired Louise Brooks-look, while Daniel presented a fusion of grungy, layered, Kurt Cobain-inspired hair with a punky twist and a blend of peach and pink tones.

The launch of ABC+ men, an emerging trend with a youthful, London vibe, was also a highlight of the event. Mark expressed his excitement about adding this to their offerings, stating: "We're really trying to build up an ABC world of hair." He unveiled ABC Pure, a preparatory course that's new for the brand, aimed at those who haven’t yet started on their ABC journey.

Mark's inspiration showcased Silvia's reverse layering technique, demonstrating how it controls the shape of the hair and creates internal texture. The iconic Mouche haircut also played a role in shaping their creations, while fur was the inspiration behind the colour techniques. With classic silhouettes, techniques, and values expertly blended with a contemporary, hyper-individualised approach, this show exemplified what makes Sassoon truly special.

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Chloe Woodland

Chloe Woodland

Published 18th Oct 2023

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