Salon Masterclass 2023: Punk-Inspired Hair Creations with RUSH

Published 18th Oct 2023 by Chloe Woodland

After a brief hiatus from Salon International, the Rush Artistic Team made a triumphant return, captivating a sold-out audience with a mesmerising display of punk-inspired and romantic avant-garde hair creations.

Creative director of Rush Salons, Andy Heasman, began the Masterclass announcing: "It's fantastic to be back after a few years to explore rebels, eras of anarchy, and British designers."

The showcase began with a tribute to the anarchy of punk, with a presentation unfolding with a bold "Future Punk" theme, inspired by the concept of the word "inverse" - contrasting colours in counterbalanced placements to create a yin and yang effect. Models sported square-shaped cuts with triangular placements of red and magenta in front and back, along with V sections and square layers.

A modern mullet look was achieved through a singular disconnection technique, adding an edgy attitude to the punk aesthetic. Fingers were used to dry and manipulate the hair, pushing the boundaries with a placement that defied convention. Andy emphasised, "Simplifying the complex shape of a cut with the right colour is crucial."

Following the punk-inspired section, Tina Farey, Sophie Chandler, and Nicole Appadu presented avant-garde styles that departed from punk influences, embracing a more romantic feel inspired by London Fashion Week and British designers. Tina's look featured scalp braids, building an asymmetrical bob shape with playful texture inspired by greens, blues, and moss textures.

Sophie's creation borrowed inspiration from ruffled skirts, featuring a shell-like feel with graphic braids running through and a futuristic twist, while Nicole showcased an intricate style influenced by macramé art, earthy woodland tones, and a futuristic take on British fashion designers.

Andy gave out some important advice to the audience, saying that “the refinement of the haircut is the bespoke connection with the client, making it the most important part,” while the rest if the art team shared their insights on incorporating these styles into everyday salon work.

The finale saw six models gracing the stage - three with Vivienne Westwood-inspired punk creations, and three showcasing enchanting woodland-inspired avant-garde styles. The Rush Artistic Team's presentation at Salon International 2023 was nothing short of a hairdressing masterpiece, leaving the audience in awe of their creativity and technical expertise.

Up next: Sassoon on technique, creativity and discipline. 

Chloe Woodland

Chloe Woodland

Published 18th Oct 2023

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