Josh Pugh Named First Patron of The Lions Barber Collective

Published 29th Nov 2023 by Chloe Woodland

Josh Pugh has been named the first-ever patron of The Lions Barber Collective, who were recently mentioned in the government’s Suicide prevention strategy for England (2023-2028). 

This partnership comes as a positive conclusion to the highly successful Mental Health Awareness Month, highlighting the collective's commitment to de-stigmatising mental health issues and their vital work in signposting vital resources to those in need using the vehicle of a haircut.

Josh Pugh is well-known in the stand-up comedy world for his sharp wit and unique storytelling, and he has long been an advocate for mental health awareness. In a generous gesture to support The Lions Barber Collective's fundraising efforts, and supplementary to his role as patron, Josh has kindly donated tickets to his upcoming shows, which will be used to raise funds for the charity - enabling them to continue their vital work in providing mental health support and education.

"I am honoured and proud to be named the first patron of The Lions Barber Collective," said Josh Pugh. "Mental health is an important issue that deserves our attention and support, and I am thrilled to contribute to their excellent and ground-breaking work by donating tickets to my shows, and to raise awareness and promote their mission. I truly believe that by working together we can make a real difference and ensure that mental health resources are accessible to all."

The Lions Barber Collective has been at the forefront of championing mental health within the professional hair and beauty industry since 2015. It recognises the unique role barbers play as trusted confidants for their clients. By fostering a safe and supportive environment, the charity aims to encourage open conversations about mental health - ultimately saving lives and improving overall well-being.

The Lions Barber Collective founder, Tom Chapman, expressed his gratitude for Josh's involvement, saying: “We are incredibly grateful to have Josh Pugh on board as as our first patron. His willingness to support us by flying the flag on mental health awareness and his generous donation of show tickets will significantly impact our fundraising efforts. 

With his support, we can continue our work connecting people to resources and support to those in need. As we all know, laughter has a hugely positive impact on our wellbeing. And Josh is phenomenal at giving that gift to many!"

As part of his role as patron, Josh Pugh will actively support The Lions Barber Collective's initiatives, including engaging with fundraising events, awareness campaigns, and their educational programs. His involvement will undoubtedly amplify the charity's message and inspire others to prioritise mental health.

Chloe Woodland

Chloe Woodland

Published 29th Nov 2023

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