Horoscope Hair Trends

Published 21st Jul 2023 by Morgan Willmott

After the Gemini season kickstarted trends for astrological inspired hair, there's no denying that this is only the beginning and horoscope hair trends will continue to prevail. So, we asked the experts about their predictions for upcoming astrological inspired trends as we say goodbye to Gemini season.

Leo inspired hair

Leo season is up next in the zodiac calendar and, just like the name of his salon Roar Hair and Beauty, owner Brian Leo McCallum predicts the rise of the Leo hair trend. He expects that this will be popular for extraverted clients, as Leos are recognised for being confident and fierce. He comments: "For clients who want that 'main character energy', hair should be similar to a lion's mane; we're talking big, voluminous hair with bright tones, such as copper and reds."

Libra inspired hair

Inspiration from the air signs will perhaps be popular for clients who want a more subtle and soft look - and the Libra hair trend could do just that. "Libras are all about balance and symmetry, and let’s not forget that the air signs have an eye for art," Alex Thaddeus, owner of Alex Thaddeus Hairdressing, tells us. "Libra inspired hair will combine elements of softness and symmetry, with pastel-coloured highlights strategically placed throughout the hair." Alex adds that a middle parting is essential for this look in order to symmetrically frame the face. "This hair trend will aim to capture the essence of Libra’s balanced and serene personality, while embracing femininity and grace." What's more, as the Libra symbol is thought to symbolise a setting sun, it's almost certain that copper, orange and red shades will be central to future Libra looks.

Aquarius inspired hair

Lea Shaw, Director of Rural Fringe Salon, predicts an Aquarius inspired hair trend which embraces the symbol of the water bearer. "The trend could use the ripple effect of the water to create a beautiful marble inspired colour, the reflection as a transitional blend or even simply the deep blue as its own colour – you never know, this could be the next Pantone Colour of the Year!" The water inspired style could also be represented through the other water zodiac signs; Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Aries inspired hair

An Aries inspired hair trend could call for complete creativity as a dynamic fire symbol. On one hand, Andrew Smith, owner of Andrew Smith Salons and Ambassador for Milkshake Global, suggests: "Aries are confident and adventurous, so would pull off more accentuating styles like the messy shag or statement hair colours." On the other hand, Liam Fry, director of Tony Wood Hair, would prefer for the Aries trend to present a more refined and delicate look. He comments: "Aries hair trends could incorporate colours that pull on soft delicate blonde tones, from warm sunset tones to ashy hues, giving the hair a multi-dimensional effect." Perhaps pastel tones would also be impactful as Aries season falls during spring time. However, both stylists agree that the trend should incorporate a fusion of colours to represent the symbol of the ram and its two horns.

Horoscope inspired hair trends certainly call for creativity and we're sure they will only grow in popularity as the seasons continue...

Morgan Willmott

Morgan Willmott

Published 21st Jul 2023

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