Hj's love island 2022 hair trend predictions

Published 06th Jun 2022 by chloe
Hj's love island 2022 hair trend predictions
Can you smell that? It’s the sweet smell of summer and ergo, Love Island. From today (Monday 6 June) onwards, we’ll be cosied up in front of the TV at 9pm each night to witness the romance and drama. But also – the hair. Each year, the contestants are the epitome of beauty and fashion trends happening in wider society at the time. Last year we saw colourful, swirly clothing, slicked-back ponytails, and soft beachy waves. So, what will we see this year? We spoke to a few experts to get their hair trend predictions for Love Island 2022 and see what your clients will be asking for this summer…

Love Island 2022 hair trend predictions

Chilling by the pool – Braids galorebubble braids

Baby braids, amongst a handful of other 90s hair trends, have taken Gen Z by storm in the last year. Whether that be plaited tendrils, microbraids randomly scattered throughout waved hair or face-framing braids with hair-down styles – they’ve loved them all. Alternatively, “Bubble braids have started to become a big trend this year and hopefully we will see more unique braiding techniques like this being worn in the villa this year. These can also be worn in the front sections of the hair, like we have previously seen on celebrities like Gigi Hadid, to give the hair an edgy feel whilst also framing the face,” says Tina Farey, editorial director at Rush. "This is a trend that I am loving and that is here to stay. I’m totally obsessed with the micro braids but also chunkier and looser braids are perfect for that super sexy undone vibe," adds Barry Maddocks, UK creative director of Haringtons.

Recoupling at the firepit – Uber-long extensions

Flawless, slicked-back, uber-long ponytails are the ultimate power-style to prepare them for any ill-fate. Or on the other hand, make a statement and cement their power-couple status. “Our younger clients love Love Island and it’s a great talking point about their style, the clothes they wear and who’s coupled with who! The love for super-long hair is still popular - think Kim Kardashian-esque length - which is great pulled into a sleek ponytail for the evening round the bar,” predicts Karen Perry, Room 97 Creative, Leeds. With long hair comes big responsibility - are you educating your clients on holiday extension-care? kendall jenner love island “Think a serious ‘power pony’ that’s great for keeping the hair under control and where little to no heated styling needs to be done to the hair. Hair gels and serums will be key to this look to keep the Mallorca humidity and frizz at bay,” says Tina Farey.

Date-night – Hair jewellery

On these special evenings, the contestants will want to go that extra mile and a great way to do this is with hair accessories. love island hair trends “For their evening dates, I think they’ll be loving hair jewellery that can jazz up an up-do or clip hair away from the face. Hopefully they will show them using hair protection and caring for their hair from the sun and pool chlorine as that is so important to keeping summer hair looking and feeling healthy and shiny,” adds Karen.

“Can we go for a chat?” – Natural texture

hair trend predictions For those sunny days spent relaxing in the villa, dipping in for a swim and pulling each other off for a chat – we predict the return of natural texture. Before they’re readying themselves for the evening, “we will see the return of stripped back natural hair, such as beachy waves, gorgeous lived-in colour and texture, top knots and effortlessly cool braids. The cast members will be embracing their authentic selves this season,” says Christopher Laird, co-owner of November Collective, Livingston. For your salons, this will mean hair health maintenance. Regular trims and treatments to keep their natural locks flowing and shining.

Breakfast date – Hair accessories

love island hair Claw clips and crocodile clips made a massive comeback in the last year. These accessories can be a quick and easy way to up-style natural texture, which we think the contestants will lean towards for that early breakfast date. “With the Pamela Anderson 90s revival, I think we’ll be seeing blonde bang and more messy updos.  The up do’s will be using the crocodile clips and have hair twizzled up and left loose to hang over,” adds Jake, OSMO ambassador.

Villa party – Mermaid waves

mermaid waves love island For that final villa celebration, we think contestants will be sporting mermaid-waves. The perfect balance between, “I got out of the pool like this” and “this took 20 minutes”. Chris Appleton, Kim Kardashians go-to hairstylist, executes this look perfectly – and he’s actually calling it the ‘flat wave’. A subtler, softer version of the original mermaid waves that are more intense and adopt more structure. “We have seen so many celebs and influencers wearing their hair in mermaid waves over the past few months and I think this trend is only set to become even more popular with the return of Love Island. To create the look, wavers or thinner curling tongs or flat irons can be used to achieve tighter, more defined curls that give the hair body and texture,” guides Suzie McGill, artistic director at Rainbow Room International. love island trend predictions We can't wait to see these looks in action tonight! Perhaps a new trend will surface and blow our Love Island hair-bingo card out of the water...


Published 06th Jun 2022

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