Hair Made Easi Launch on Deliveroo

Published 15th Mar 2024 by hjiadmin

Hair Made Easi are thrilled to announce their partnership with Deliveroo to offer same-day delivery, making their products more accessible to salons across Manchester.

In the fast-paced realm of beauty where innovation is key, Hair Made Easi are renowned salon market leaders, retailing in over 25,000 salons over the UK and bringing over 40 inventions to the UK salon market.

Following their resounding salon success, this collaboration with Deliveroo marks a significant milestone for Hair Made Easi, enabling them to reach a wider audience to provide salons with instant tools, to offer convenient delivery options for their customers, and to support local communities too. With this partnership, salons can order stock on the same day without running low and experiencing slow delivery services.

Amongst the range of products available for delivery is Hair Made Easi’s latest innovation, the XL Luxury Hair Wrap (which you can see featured in HJ’s January’s issue).

Nicola Wood, founder of Hair Made Easi, commented: “I’m over the moon to announce that Hair Made Easi has now expanded its horizons by launching on Deliveroo, making our hair products more accessible than ever. At Hair Made Easi, we pride ourselves on our innovation and excellence and we strive to make all hair tools and salon products as accessible as possible, so this collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine convenience in the haircare industry.

“This partnership means that we can help salons to stock up on products before they run low with the same-day delivery. Our products are just a few clicks away. We’re so excited for this new chapter with Deliveroo and look forward to continuing to revolutionise the way people approach haircare.”



Published 15th Mar 2024

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