Habia statement regarding restrictions on use of hair colour for under 16s

Published 06th Nov 2012 by rachael
Habia statement regarding restrictions on use of hair colour for under 16s colour-legislation-for-under-16s.jpg
HABIA has released a statement regarding the use of colourants on under-16s, following a number of questions from concerned salon owners.

Following an EU Directive that came into force on 1 November 2012, salon owners and colourists have expressed concerns about which products are safe to use. 

The statement is as follows:

Use of Hair Colour on People Under 16 Years Old

The new Directive amends an existing one concerning cosmetic products numbered 76/768/EEC. It sets conditions on maximum concentration limits on two chemicals (HC Orange No 2 and 2-hydroxyethylamino-5-nitroanisole) used in hair colours, so they are specifically regulated. 

In addition, it sets restrictions on how the product is used and stored, and warnings that must appear on labels concerning the risk of allergic reactions. 

In particular, it requires wording to be used on the labels that includes the phrase "This product is not intended for use on persons under the age of 16". It will be for manufacturers to ensure products contain the right concentration and correct labelling of products containing these two chemicals.
In short, hair products that contain the two chemicals must contain the warning. Products not labelled accordingly will be prohibited from sale from 1 November 2012 (the requirement for the warning has been in place since 1 November 2011, giving manufacturers a year to change their products/labelling accordingly).
To read the full policy statement from Habia, click here or call HABIA on 0845 612 3555.


Published 06th Nov 2012

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