The Goldwell Color Portfolio: Your AW23 Colour Services

Published 30th Aug 2023 by Morgan Willmott

With the versatile Goldwell Color Portfolio, you have everything you need to cover and beautify your clients’ natural colour for the season ahead.

The perfect colour refill for every type of client and every type of coverage can be hard to find. But now with Goldwell’s Colour Recharge services, you have a variety of ways to tailor colour trends to every client. 

Choose from the four services:

Intense Color Recharge

Topchic Color Service

Rich, deep and expressive long-lasting colour - up to 100% intense, even hair coverage

Rich Color Recharge

Blend-the-grey Service

Shiny natural-looking coverage with a boost of care. Ammonia free

Brilliant Color Recharge

Elumen Service

The iconic Goldwell Service: ammonia and oxidant-free powerful colour that refills damaged areas within the hair fibre.

Ammonia free

Conscious Color Recharge

Topchic Zero Service

The responsible colour choice: incredibly caring, feel-good colour for a shiny and natural-looking result. Ammonia Free

But what are the trends for the season ahead? “Autumn/winter trends are looking glossy, shiny and very natural this year. We are seeing everything from rich chocolate browns to natural ash shades,” says Amelia Evans, Senior Stylist at Hare & Bone. “White hair is something everyone has to tackle, from our 20s onward in some cases, so natural browns with minimal upkeep are always a great idea.” When it comes to trends, the world is your oyster with Goldwell’s Colour Recharge services and the Goldwell Color Portfolio.


Sustainable Moves 

Did you know that step by step, Goldwell are reducing the environmental impact of our products and services at the salon level?

Here's how...

Topchic Zero: With sustainable and responsibly sourced packaging, Topchic Zero is made from up to 100% recycled and recyclable packaging materials.

Topchic Zero: The usage instructions are printed inside the folding box, replacing the leaflet and saving up to 7.8 tons of tree wood per year. The airtight can system and tubes ensure minimal oxidative waste and a shelf life of 3 years.

Topchic, Topchic Zero, Colorance: Take care to always dispose of the cans and tubes in the dedicated bin to bring the valuable raw material back into the circulation. 

Colorance: Many of the Colorance formulations are produced in a cold-batch process, which saves energy during the manufacturing process itself.

All Topchic Zero, Colorance and Goldwell System Developer Lotions are climate-neutral in cooperation with ClimatePartner: Topchic, Topchic Zero, Colorance and Goldwell System Developer Lotions reduce carbon emissions from raw materials, packaging, production, transport and disposal. Any remaining emissions are compensated through the support of CO₂ climate protection projects. 

Visit the Goldwell Education Plus Youtube Channel and download the Goldwell Education Plus App for digital inspiration, plus head to or follow @goldwelluki for more.

Morgan Willmott

Morgan Willmott

Published 30th Aug 2023

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