Denman College Kits – Available Now!

Published 20th Jan 2023 by charlottegw
Denman college kits – available now! Denman College Kits have been created in consultation with experienced College Tutors to deliver a core professional kit that gives every student the very best start on their career journey. Each tool has been selected to mirror the demands of the NVQ curriculum and empower hairdressing students with kit that truly supports their needs. Here’s what’s inside: Denman Classic Styler D3 – detangling, blow-drying, styling, brushing out and curl defining. Denman Medium Style and Shine Brush D81m – natural and nylon bristle for finishing and dressing out. Denman Skeleton Vent D200 – soft styling, men’s hair and natural finishing. Denman Power Paddle D38 – detangling, wrap drying and brushing through. Denman Small Head Hugger DHH2 – maximises volume and lift, creates curl. Denman Medium Head Hugger DHH3 – maximises, volume and lift, creates curl. Denman Dress Out Brush D91 – stiff bristle for extra volume, dressing and creative hair up. Denman Starflite Cutting Comb SF858 – smooth, durable, heat and chemical resistant cutting comb. Starflite Pintail Comb SF43 – great for technical work, setting, dressing and finishing. Starflite Handle Rake Comb SF73 – detangles and distributes product and colour evenly. RRP £114.00 inc VAT denman college kits Denman knows that College education is pivotal to the future of the industry. Great quality professional tools and knowing how to use them skilfully upholds our amazing UK hairdressing legacy. Denman has been designing tools in collaboration with hair professionals for over 70 years and this kit puts those tools in the hands of future hairdressers. For more information on how to order the Denman Student Kit please email [email protected]  


Published 20th Jan 2023

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