Are Your Clients Asking for THIS Viral AI Hair Model Look?

Published 22nd Sep 2023 by Morgan Willmott

Have you seen the AI generated "90s model hair" image doing the rounds on social media, and specifically TikTok? A host of influencers have shared how to recreate the high volume 90s model blowdry, but we wanted to ask the hair experts for their thoughts. 

There’s no doubt that AI (artificial intelligence) has started to take over many aspects of our lives, from helping write social media captions to smart home devices, but is there a place for AI in the hair salon and have your clients shown you images of hair that isn't even 'real'? HJ found out...

Possible Issues with AI in the Salon

On first look, the image on the left looks like a beautiful model with a sleek, but volumious blowdry. She's reminiscent of Cher Horowitz from Clueless and 90s Sarah Michelle Geller, but in fact this image is completely generated by AI and this isn't even a real person...

Although only one of the four experts we interviewed in this article had had clients bringing in an AI reference to a hair appointment, it's undeniable that AI is becoming more relevant.  

Will this lead to clients using images like this one as inspiration and setting themselves (and professionals!) unachievable hair goals?

Becky Hare, assistant at Brooks & Brooks, explains: "A lot of AI apps are portraying more than just hair colour and cuts, it affects aspects like the thickness and texture of the hair too.”

As ever, it’s important for hairdressers to assess the suitability of each style on each client, and make sure you explain the reality to clients. As Mark Leeson, Revlon Professional Global Ambassador, compares: “In a sense, it’s just like clients getting ideas from celebrities, magazines or social media. As experts, it’s our job to assess whether the look can actually be achieved.”

Possible Benefits of AI in the Salon

But perhaps AI could be seen as a useful tool to encourage clients to  embrace different styles. As Lyla-May Woolley, Stylist at Electric, Brighton for L’Oréal Professionel, says: “AI can generate a picture to perfectly match what a client wants, much more specificly than inspiration from social media, because it gives the freedom of adding or altering different components.” So, the benefits of AI, and how clients can actually visualise themselves with new styles and cuts, might be something you consider implementing in your salon consultations. Becky Hare admits that Brooks & Brooks has had clients use AI to generate images of themselves for hair inspiration.

Nevertheless, the AI image above is gorgeous and there’s no doubt that some of your clients may use this as inspiration (if they haven’t already), so here are a few tips to achieve the look:

“It would be difficult to replicate this on clients with fine, limp hair so make sure you focus on the preparation,” Ria Kulik, owner of the HairBank Manchester and North Western Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional, points out. “The essentials would be heated rollers, a large round brush, clip-in extensions and a hairdryer!” Plus, volume is key. Mark Leeson comments: “This is ultimately a big, bouncy blow-dry. So, use volumising products like a mousse and a firm hold hairspray to maintain that size.” You could cut in some layers too, as suggested by Lyla-May Woolley, for some extra volume.

Regarding colour, the hair seems to be a buttery, beige blonde that some lighter clients could incorporate their natural colour into. “The most accurate results would be on clients with virgin hair at a naturally ligher base level – a level 8 or above,” Becky Hare describes. “Using a high lift tint, or regular tint, will help keep some warmth in the hair.” Furthermore, Lyla-May Woolley notes: “Once I’ve rinsed my foils, I would stay at the basin and use the Scandinavian hairline trend to give that sun kissed look to the front of the face.”

With AI influencing our everyday lives even more, why not check out how else it could help you in your salon here?

Morgan Willmott

Morgan Willmott

Published 22nd Sep 2023

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