Bob Trend Alert: The Preppy Bob

Published 24th Apr 2024 by Chloe Woodland

The Preppy Bob has gained a lot of momentum thanks, in part, to influential names like Hailey Bieber, Grace Kelly, and Laura Harrier. In fact, Hailey Bieber's bob is one of the most searched for hairstyles this year so far! When we say ‘preppy’, we’re speaking in fashion terms to mean “classic, neat and understated”, as Rachel Valentine, L’Oréal Professionnel, puts it. 

While this is simply a slight tweak on the classic bob, hearing your client use the word ‘preppy’ in their consultation can help indicate the sort of style they’re after. Here, we spoke to some experts to decode what this new bob trend really means. 

What is The Preppy Bob Haircut Trend?

The Preppy Bob is characterised by “a classic, clean-cut bob with a touch of preppy sophistication,” says Darren Fowler and Sara Bergatini, Fowler35 for L’Oréal Professionnel. “This haircut features a sleek, straight, or slightly waved finish, which exudes a timeless and polished appearance.

How to Cut The Preppy Bob

Start with a precise, blunt cut that just falls above the shoulders, says Darren and Sara: “Key techniques include creating a strong baseline and ensuring even, sleek layers. Subtle layering can add movement and shape to the hairstyle while maintaining that preppy look.”

“I like to keep the edges blunt. You may need to internally layer, or texture on thicker hair but visually it should have a solid outline that is the same length the whole way round. You may wish to add bangs or shorter pieces around the face area,” Rachel adds.

Top Tip: The body position of both client and yourself must be consistent and balanced, tells Mia Dellicompagni, managing director of Francesco Hair Salons. 

Do Your Clients Suit The Preppy Bob?

During the consultation, it’s crucial to assess your client’s face shape and skin tone to determine the best style for them. For example, one client may suit a short Preppy bob while another may suit the Preppy bob with fringe, and another a preppy contoured bob. Thinking about framing layers, lengths and colour will ensure this client keeps returning to your salon.

“When determining the right bob for a client, face shape is key. For the Preppy Bob, it's best suited for oval, heart, or square face shapes. These shapes tend to complement the clean lines and symmetry of this haircut,” Darren and Sara guide.

“I look for strong bone structure in my clients, and keep in mind that the length I cut to will determine where attention is drawn to. You can vary the length of The Preppy Bob from the jaw to just below the cheek bones, giving a somewhat androgynous feel,” Mia says.

How to Style The Preppy Bob

On the versatility of The Preppy Bob, Rachel says: “People think you can’t do much with short hair but I totally disagree! There is so much you can do with a preppy bob, from having it poker straight, to flicking the ends under for a 90s feel. I also really like to add just a slight bend in the hair (not quite a curl) to add some movement but not disrupting the blunt edge.”

You can enhance the cut with a sleek, smooth finish. To do so, Darren and Sara often opt for a flat iron: “With the flat iron, you can achieve a smooth finish or create gentle waves for a more relaxed look. A centre parting is often used for this style, which adds to its classic appeal. To finish, the L’Oréal Professionnel Constructor spray will hold the wave for that waves finish.”

Alternatively, Mia likes to finish off “with a layer of the Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Silkening Fragrant Hair Mist for extra emphasis on the shine line.” For home styling, Mia advises clients to use a nozzle on their dryer: “I’d explain how to smooth the cutcle downwards to achieve the shine and maintain control – and layering products is a must!”

Be sure to brush up on the latest bob trends, so when your clients come knocking for inspiration, you have the answers. After all, it's the hottest hair trend right now...

Chloe Woodland

Chloe Woodland

Published 24th Apr 2024

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