Why the rachel is now called the octopus

Published 22nd Jun 2022
Why the rachel is now called the octopus The must-have haircut of the 90s, 'The Rachel', is back but this time it's had a rebrand and we're calling it 'The Octopus'. Who can forget Jennifer Aniston's iconic look of the 90s? The haircut that the Friends star famously wasn't a fan of took salons by storm when she debuted the new style in 1995/1996 as the show's second season aired. 'The Rachel' is a short, layered shag cut and was a departure from her season one look, a feathery, natural wave, which coincidentally is also making a comeback in 2022. In 1995 salons and stylists were inundated with requests for the famous hairstyle created by Aniston's now long time stylist, Chris McMillan, who finished the bouncy style with blonde highlights, and now the popular cut is back with a twist nearly thirty years later. The Rachel Jennifer Aniston 'The Octopus' is so named due to its long layers that frame the face, resembling the tentacles of an octopus, as seen on celebs including Billie Eilish and Kaia Gerber. This grungier take on 'The Rachel' is similar in style to the shags and mullets that we've been seeing throughout 2021 and the beginning of this year, however it maintains the bounciness of 'The Rachel' with a blend of short and long layers but a longer silhouette. Billie Eilish Octopus Kaia Gerber The Octopus This versatile, layered cut works for all hair types and textures and can be tailored to the client's face shape making it a popular alternative to the mullet and the shag. Clients will also love that 'The Octopus' requires little in the way of maintenance, there's no need for excessive use of heating tools as they can just scrunch and go and they won't need to give it a regular trim either. Check out our Style 101 for another popular low-maintenance cut, 'The Shag'.

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