Why Choose Colour as a Specialism?

Published 05th May 2023
We spoke to Safy B about why hairdressers should choose colour to specialise in and why it was the right choice for her. Within hairdressing there are so many different routes to take, so many opportunities and it can be quite overwhelming to choose just one area to focus on and one area to specialise in, when there are so many on the table. For me, colour was a natural choice and progression. From the beginning of my hairdressing journey I was always completely wowed by the colour world and in awe of the transformations created and the whole process of application to the finished result. It was something that was ever changing and continually moving forward and in all honesty the creativity I craved. But why choose to be a colourist? Here is my 5 top tips on why you should choose colour:

There is never a dull moment (literally)

Colour brightens the world and there is never a dull moment. Whatever the weather, the colour challenge at hand can brighten up your day. Sometimes you laugh and sometimes you cry but working with a variety of colour palettes, themes and visions and experimenting every minute of every day is fun and playful.

You are challenged 24/7

Every day and every client presents a challenge. You are kept on your toes at all times. Whether it is a full colour transformation, a colour correction, an unrealistic colour job – you are constantly pushed out of your comfort zone in order to get the results for your client. I love this because it gives you the chance to really put your all into every appointment and experience a whole variety of colour scenarios.

Every day is a rainbow

No matter what, as a colourist every client and every appointment is different – you will rarely create two similar looking colours in a row. Your first client may be a beautiful balayage, the next may be a vibrant, vivid pink then the next a scalp pattern – there is continuous variety. It keeps every day different and makes it even more exciting!

You can earn good money

Being a specialist in colour and having a wealth of experience and knowledge behind you, gives you the potential to earn a fantastic salary. This is not something you can achieve straight away, it will take a lot of hard work, continuous education and effort and constant creative passion. Work on your techniques and placement and engage in as much education as possible to keep your standards a high.

It is something that can make everyone happy

There is nothing I love more than clients leaving happy with a big smile on their face – knowing that I have exceeded their expectations and given them the hair of their dreams. The sense of happiness (and relief at times!) when you completely smash a colour and it comes out exactly how you want it can make my day. Why not check out the top questions to ask during a colour consultation?

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