What I Wish I Knew Before Going Freelance

Published 20th Oct 2021 by Admin
Whether you’re thinking about going freelance, want to know how to become a successful freelance hairdresser, or you've recently made the jump, freelance senior hair stylist, Laura Dauncey Smith, shares everything she wish she could tell her former self as she made the move and tips on how to be successful freelance hairdresser. Dear Laura, You are about to do something that has been on your mind for a long time now. It will be an exciting journey that is going to be full of ups and downs, but how will you know the outcome unless you try? You have been in a salon environment for over 10 years, so freelance is a completely new journey for you. You have already gained so much confidence and learnt so much within the salon environment, but I know you better than anyone, you want to become your own boss. You want to have the flexibility to pick your own working hours and control the time you have with each client. You are about to experience and learn so many new exciting things that will help you become the person you want to be in the future. You need to take a deep breath and carefully think about your plan. There are many things to consider like; How do I advertise and get my name out there? How to build my clientele? How to keep my clients coming back to me? Where do I even begin? Confidence is key and knowledge helps to build that confidence. Always learn something new and stay up to date to prevent yourself from getting stuck in your ways. Keep learning, so not only do you keep your confidence growing, you stay passionate. Remember to know your worth. Plan out your pricelist and make sure you don’t undercharge. Speak to others that have gone through this experience and ask their advice, but don’t compare yourself as you are your own person and this is your journey. Take your time and research exactly what you need to do, as there’s no need to rush. You need think about the admin that’s behind a freelancer, so make sure you have the correct insurance and you are correctly covered in all areas. Find an accountant to help you with your end of year tax, this takes a little pressure away knowing someone it there to help. Don’t forget to plan out your working hours and include the admin within those hours as it is easy to work when it’s your day off. It goes without saying you will be full of a mix of emotions as it’s difficult not to overthink. Take a break and calm that thought path. Most of the time you will be full of excitement and happiness because it’s so much fun planning out all the equipment, you’ll as you are actually buying it all for yourself. Don’t get carried away because it’s easy to spend, focus on what you really need first. You will of course be feeling fear of the unknown. This will be in the back of your mind but don’t let this stop you. Overcome it and channel that energy into positivity. My overall advice to you is this… It won’t always be easy because success isn’t, it doesn’t happen unless you work hard. Remember to stay focused and plan as thoroughly as possible. Take in all advice from others, as they are there to help and have been in the same situation as you. Deep down you know you can do this so make that jump and go for it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? As long as you sit down and figure out your plan, I know you can stay calm and do it. Good luck, you won’t regret this! Love Laura x

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Published 20th Oct 2021

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