Wella Professionals Launch Illumina Color In Marrakech

Published 03rd Jul 2012 by Admin
Wella professionals launch illumina color in marrakech
marrakech1.jpgMarrakech, the jewel in the crown of Morocco's arid landscape, is a colourful place. Luscious green palm leaves stand against an azure blue sky, intricate mosaics bring together a myriad of iridescent shades and bright, colourfully painted ceramics line the maze-like streets of the bustling markets.
What better place to hold a celebration of colour - the launch of Wella Professionals new Illumina range.
marrakech2.jpgNearly 120 journalists from across the globe gathered in Marrakech to learn more about Illumina and experience the new colour, which is based on the concept of increased luminosity and natural-looking radiance in the hair.
Wella Professionals Global Creative Director Color Josh Wood, who is trusted with the upkeep of many famous locks, gave a talk to attendees about his involvement with the creation of Illumina, from suggesting the original idea to fine-tuning various shades. Explaining the concept Josh described "believable colour - hair that looks like it almost hasn't been coloured. It's like virgin hair."
joshwood-marrakech.jpgMaria Castan, representing the scientific team at Wella Professionals, then explained the technology behind the colour, announcing that the new product had been scrupulously tested "on enough hair to wrap around the Earth 20 times". The intricate process even required P&G to purchase special machinery from movie makers Pixar in order to test how light reflects off the hair. 
Later, at a poolside gala dinner featuring camels, belly dancing and delicious local food, general manager of Wella Professionals Sylvie Moreau gave a speech thanking Josh Wood for being "the father of Illumina Color". She explained: "This is not a launch, it's a birth of a project. Stars are born and today's Illumina Color's birthday."
Attendees were also given the chance to try out the colour themselves in the skilful hands of top international stylists, as well as visiting the bustling markets of Marrakech, taking a stroll through the peaceful Marjorelle Gardens once owned by Yves Saint Laurent and trying to avoid the snake charmers in the city's main square. 


Published 03rd Jul 2012

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