Welcome to HJ's Freelance Week 2022: The Official Schedule

Published 24th Oct 2022 by hjiadmin
Welcome to HJ's Freelance Week 2022: The Official Schedule

HJ's Freelance Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals is taking place from Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October – and will be jam-packed full of content for freelance hairstylists, mobile hairdressers, chair renters, session stylists and everything in-between. The week is inspired by European Freelancer’s Week and the idea is to give you a week filled with business, educational, and inspirational content that will help you to continue succeeding as a freelancer during these difficult times or to give you the answers to all of your questions if you’re considering becoming a freelance hairstylist or barber in the near future. Hairdressers Journal International's editor Charlotte Grant-West said: "The rise in the number of stylists who now consider themselves freelance suggests that this 'trend' isn't going anywhere. Our last HJ Insider survey revealed that 47% of the industry classed themselves as freelance. Although we're still feeling the effects of Covid-19, and the current cost of living crisis and energy price rises have produced a lot of challenges, people are still making the move to setting up on their own. The industry is looking for ways of working that offer flexibility, more balance and more variety – which a freelance lifestyle can sometimes offer. HJ always strive to support freelancers whether they're based in the salon, working on a mobile basis or are part of a collective. Drop us a DM if you'd like to see any particular topic covered in the future."

Here's a full breakdown of what to expect during HJ's Freelance Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals

HJ’s Freelance Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals will include everything from a quiz to discover if a freelance career is right for you and insights into networking, insurance and legal and business information you need to know right now. Click below on the below content which will be updated as the week progresses:

Monday 24 October

Are you Ready to Go Freelance Quiz The Power of Networking Getting Press Coverage When Freelance

Tuesday 25 October

What I Wish I Knew When I First Went Freelance

Wednesday 26 October

How To Set Up Retail as a Freelance Hairdresser Understanding Pensions

Thursday 27 October

The Power of Mentoring

Friday 28 October

The Truth About Setting Up a Hair Studio Space  

HJ's Freelance Week is sponsored by Wella Professionals. For more information about how Wella Professionals can help you in your freelance career click here.

You can also connect with Wella Professionals on social media via Facebook @Wellaprofessionals and Instagram @wellahairuk. 



Published 24th Oct 2022

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