Vidal Sassoon's 12 Most Inspirational Quotes

Published 17th Jan 2017 by hjiadmin

Vidal Sassoon's words and styles continue to inspire hairdressers across the world. His words of wisdom have created dreams in young hairdressers, as well as motivated established names. Here are some of his classic Vidal-isms:

1. "If you don't look good, we don't look good."

2. "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary."

3. "If you get hold of a head of hair on somebody you've never seen before, cut beautiful shapes, cut beautiful architectural angles and she walks out looking so different - I think that's masterful."

4. "Everything about morality and obligations I owe to football."

5. "Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one-on-one with another human being and the object is to make them feel so much better and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye."

6. "I regard the five-point cut as the finest cut I have ever created - the geometric design in its purest, most classical form."

7. "Longevity is a fleeting moment that lasts forever."

8. "Though some people think of hairdressing as fragile, pampered people, I believe that any man who does fifteen heads a day - on his feet all the time, remember - deserves heavy workers' rations whether the salon is on Bond Street, in Battersea or the back streets of Brooklyn."

9. "With a great haircut they could shake it, brush it, do whatever they wanted and it would fall into place. This changed the craft."

10. "For me the working of hair is architecture with a human element."

11. "Hairdressing in general hasn't been given the kudos it deserves. It's not recognised by enough people as a worthy craft."

12. "You either create something and you keep it a secret and you die with it, or you can benefit the craft by passing it on."



Published 17th Jan 2017

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