Valentine's day hair: the hair looks your clients will be crushing on

Published 13th Feb 2023 by hjiadmin
Valentine's day hair: the hair looks your clients will be crushing on If you have a full column on 14 February with clients after Valentine's Day hair – look no further. We've rounded up some of the best ideas to help you get inspired and lovestruck. After all, love is in the hair...

Valentine' Day Hair Looks For Clients

Valentine's Day hair

Soft Waves

Classic waves are a failsafe look for date night and Valentine's Day Hair. "It’s one of the most requested styles and has been over the past few years with clients and bridal clients – and will be for Valentine’s," says ASP Ambassador and Founder of Siren Hair, Sheree Thompson. Get the look: "To create these beautiful soft waves I used a medium barrel tong, taking each section (around 2-4cm thick) and working my way around the head, pinning each curl for longevity. Once cool, brush through the hair, lightly, which will loosen the waves and leave you with the most beautiful soft style. Style with ASP heat protect and dream cream for gorgeous shimmering waves," says Sheree.

Rose Tinted

Dare clients with a lighter base to experiment with a rose hue and tumbling waves. Robert Kirby, Robert Kirby Hairdressing, used IDhair Hair Paint applied to a clean level 10 base, using 50ml 10.8 Light Violet Blonde and 5ml Red Ink with 1/5% Vol. Get the look: Richard used half mousse and half gel to create a setting foam and applied to the hair. Working with a brick wind technique, he used medium and large Molton Brown rollers and left the hair to dry under a hood dryer. Ensure the hair is cool before removing the rollers. Next, he took a  dressing brush and started at the back, building the shape working with fine sections. Using finger wave clips to secure hair to create these vintage waves, he used a diffuser on cold air to help lock in the shape and finished with ID Hair Elements Lightweight Hairspray.

Glamorous Ponytail

valentines hair “I’m in love with finishes that have a mix of textures – the smooth crown and massive volume of this extended ponytail just screams joy to me,” says Al Campbell, Sam Villa Ambassador and Owner of D Alexander Studio. Get the look: Starting with freshly cleansed and blow dried hair, smooth hair using a straightening iron and a tail comb. Section hair into three sections (1. back/nape; 2. ear to ear/middle/crown; 3. front)  Use a tail comb to gather hair in the back section into a small ponytail and hold with one hand. Spray Mizani HRM on hair, directionally blow dry and set dry molding in place for the first ponytail. Repeat Step 3 for both middle and front sections. Dry molding them to blend with back section. The result should be three overlapping ponytails giving the impression of one. With loose hair from the pony create a 3-strand braid and secure with an elastic. Secure one end of the bundles weft into the end of the braid near the elastic with a pin (open end up). Wrap weft very taut around the braid until reaching the base of pony and secure with pin (open end down). Take about a 1” strand from base of pony and wrap around to disguise the pin and elastic. Use Mizani HRM and hairdryer to dry mold into place. Secure with pins as needed. Use paddle brush to blend and fluff the pony, starting at the ends working toward the base. Set with Mizani HRM.

The Adele-Inspired Blowdry Taking inspiration from the iconic Adele (watch our Adele-inspired video tutorial with Sheree here), the big and beautiful blow-dry is such a simple yet overly romantic style, says Sheree. Get the look: "When creating this style, I blow-dried the hair, focusing the heat at the root and lifting the hair to give as much volume as possible, lifting the hair high and encouraging the beautiful, natural wave," says Sheree. "Once dry, I curled the hair using the Hot Tools 32mm curl bar – this is a great tool which creates soft, natural curls. It’s important to ensure the curls aren’t too tight and appear effortless. When curling, I pinned all the curls throughout the back of the hair, working in a left to right section and keeping them all in a designated line. Towards the front of the hair, I over-directed the pin curls, to give the hair a much bigger statement," says Sheree. The hair was then left to cool and then brushed out using ASP Root Boost and Glazer Shine Spray to finish. Next up, here are some copper shades to suggest to your clients for Valentine's Day.


Published 13th Feb 2023

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