Tweed blonde is the shade of the season

Published 05th Dec 2022 by chloe
Tweed blonde is the shade of the season How do you winter-fy a blonde without heading to the dark side? Tweed Blonde. Think strands of ashy, cool-blonde and warm blonde laced together – in fact, think Blake Lively. We know your loyally-blonde clients will be bringing tweed blonde into your salon this winter, so let's learn how to nail it. We spoke to INSIGHT UK ambassador Carolyn Newman for her take on this hot winter trend. tweed blonde Tweed Blonde was coined by Wella UK artist and Cobella salon owner Jordanna Cobella, who has nailed the shade on a number of clients. “This is the ultimate winter blonde that adds tone and depth to summer blondes. In the summer it was very much about golden blondes, but now we’re moving towards more natural and neutral tones that combine pieces of baby lights and slices,” says Carolyn. jordanna cobella Due to its multi-tonal nature, Tweed Blonde can be extremely malleable to suit each client uniquely. Alter the ratio between ashy, cool and warm blonde slices to compliment individual skin tones and create a bespoke couture colour that keeps your client coming back to you. “It should also be personalised to suit your client’s hair type. In terms of shades, think nude tones and cashmere – it’s a stunning combination that makes the hair look rich, thick and healthy,” adds Carolyn. tweed blonde Jordanna Cobella told Glamour: “The multi-dimensional look imitates how light would reflect on natural hair, creating a sun-kissed look. The Wella Professional Shinefinity glaze can be woven throughout the hair to create a tweed effect.” To keep this expensive blonde shade bright throughout the winter seasons, “top-up treatments every eight weeks are ideal. A treat and tone service is a great fix in-between full colour, or add a few extra face-framing pieces to freshen up the colour,” Carolyn finishes. Tweed Blonde picks up where expensive blonde left off, we can't wait to see your in-salon creations. Remember to tag us at @hairdressersjournal on instagram and include #HJLoves in the caption.


Published 05th Dec 2022

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