#TrendWatching: The Buzz Cut

Published 16th Mar 2017 by hjiadmin

Actress Kristen Stewart is the latest Hollywood star to sport the buzz cut. We caught up with TONI&GUY International Artistic Director and current BHA Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year, Indira Schauwecker to find out what you should consider before giving your clients The Buzz.

What Should You Consider Before Going For The Buzz?

The most important thing you will need to consider is head shape. If your clients head is flat, you won't have any hair to mask this and it will exaggerate the shape that you could normally hide. Then consider profile and the fact that the face is fully exposed which is something clients will need to be comfortable with. 

What Face Shape Features Do They Suit?

For most hairdressers, oval face shapes manage to pull off most styles. However, Indira enjoys the quirkiness of shaven heads with faces that are not perfect, she believes quirky features to compliment the quirky hairstyle.

If Clients Aren't Quite Ready To Get a Proper Buzzcut What Could You Suggest Instead?

Encourage a shorter style like a pixie cut or shaving the sides can help to give a feeling of no hair which exposes the face and get the client used to the feeling of shorter hair.

Any Tips For Handling The Regrowth?

Because the hair is all the same length, the buzz cut is a difficult style to grow out as it follows the head shape. Indira suggests the best way to grow it out is to focus on growing the perimeter areas. If hair is grown out all at once, it will follow the shape of the head and be very rounded. If you cut the top short and grow the sides, similar to a mullet shape, it will grow faster and square.



Published 16th Mar 2017

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