Top tiktok hair trends to get on your radar

Published 17th Feb 2021 by charlottegw
Top tiktok hair trends to get on your radar If there's been one success story of lockdown it's been TikTok – and the hair trends we've seen on there really have set the mood for 2021. As they've progressed from TikTok to Instagram, we've charted the hair trends that'll find their way into your salon (if they haven't already!)

E-girl money piece

This iteration of a money piece is chunky, bold and strong in contrast to the rest of the hair.

Billy Eilish inspired fluoro roots

Ah, the look that launched a thousand copycats! Billie's green fluorescent roots from 2019 are still a strong trend amongst Gen Z-ers. People opt for all-over green roots or do like @faketeeth and have them peeping through your fringe.  

Two tone hair

Whether it's blue or pink, red and white or yellow and pink like a Fruit Salad (so retro!) two tone hair rules on TikTok. Why have one hair colour when you can have two?

Pink Streaks

Queen of TikTok Charli D'Amelio debuted the coolest money girl plus peekaboo pink streaks towards the end of 2020. Even though she's now back to her natural brunette roots, clients in 2021 will surely be wanting to recreate this look.

Long mermaid waves

Gorgeously long, healthy and gently tousled waves. Best styled lo-fi with a hoody. Beach not necessary.

Box braids

When applied professionally and with skill there's no fresher look than box braids. Plus they're a great lockdown style – low maintenance and a brilliant protective style for Afro hair thanks to the lack of heat styling.


Published 17th Feb 2021

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