Top Male Celebrity Hairstyles of 2022

Published 05th Aug 2022 by Josie Jackson

Clients love to look to celebrities for their hair inspiration, so HJ asked Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional global hair ambassador, and Brodie Raeside, OSMO ambassador, to share their thoughts on some of the top male celebrity hairstyles of 2022.

Chris Hemsworth

Jonathan: This is a step away from short skin fades that have been around for a while. I’m seeing this as a step change towards short hair but has more versatility to it. He’s keeping it a bit longer and softer, so not too aggressive. This look works well on all hair types, and guys, really. By keeping it a bit longer and giving it more shape and control, you can distribute the weight to help define the jaw and eyes. It’s a really popular hairstyle and we’ll see more of this style coming into the winter seasons. A huge fan of this look.

Tom Holland

Jonathan: One of my favourite male celebrity hairstyles - massive fan of his hair! I feel he’s the first star who’s starting to grow out his hair. He’s going for a change of texture and having more fun with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had a bit of help with a wave perm or something to get more movement (or he’s got very envious hair!). It works well for him! It has that soft and relaxed and playful edge to it. There’s versatility in this look and you can wear it softer and more relaxed, or more groomed and get a number of styles. Suits those with texture.

Harry Styles

Brodie: I love this cut. This is a great medium length style for guys with wavy or slightly curly hair. It’s simply a natural side parting but with some good length there and a lot of texture and movement. That extra length and movement in this style means you don’t have to try and keep this neat, lean into the messy look and the waves and curls instead of fighting them. For added texture, a salt spray is a good option (such as the OSMO Matt Salt Spray). A perfect style for growing your hair out also, and you get a lot more life out of styles as you move away from really short hair. This is a really popular style at the minute, and I understand why. These longer lengths are coming back in and this is a fun relaxed way to wear it.

Lewis Hamilton

Jonathan: I’m biased with this look as I’m a massive fan! It’s very much an iconic hair style, especially as he’s probably one of the most well-known sports people in the world. This is a terrific way to have longer hair but with control. It’s not for everyone, but as he’s in and out of helmets it works for him. An undercut at the back and sides is for controlling the style and it also brings the beard into the hairstyle, too. You’re removing bulk out of hair to streamline the style. It’s a cool look that can even be taken down softer feel, or you can change up the parting for a different vibe and dress it up with a suit or down with jeans.

Henry Cavill

Jonathan: The quintessential classic hair-cut with a soft taper round ears and back. The parting enables you to push hair back too. I love everything about this look as you can blow-dry it smooth and straight or bring texture in for the summer vibe. I’m a fan of the look as you can wear it as smart as you like depending on how you style it. Texture is good for this look, so using a styling creme can be beneficial (like the Fudge Professional Matte Hed Mouldable).  It’s important to get that modern twist for these classic looks. Keep hair short without too much drastic change. It’s very much a Bond hairstyle too, so is that saying something?

Harry Shum Jr

Jonathan: This is your classic side parting swept back look, but he’s playing around by growing it longer - however if your clients want a smarter look, keep it shorter. A great style for the coming winter months; it’s an iconic and classic shape. This look can be tailored to your clients features to show them off. It works well for those who don’t want it too short but need one look for the office and another for the weekend. Also works if you’re looking to grow your hair out as it helps with that awkward in-between stage.

Jason Derulo

Jonathan: Sharp as they come! Love the tapering and it’s been cut very well. The shaping from the beard compliments the hair and keeps it all super sharp. It’s a low skin taper look and ensures the beard and haircut complement each other. Having the pattern in the side is not for everyone, but I think it gives a younger finish and adds a bit of difference and creativity by pushing boundaries. It’s essential to have a good blend, so it’s not 'step-y' but has that softness to blend the haircut and beard together. This has a real pristine finish with the outer area as sharp as it can be. They’ve tapered through sides and back, but you can go higher or lower to customise the hair cut and shape to your client. This has always been a good style for me - it really shows off the technical skills of barbering.

Jason Momoa

Brodie: Another style I love to see and to cut. Long, wild and messy. This is a timeless cut these days, it’s not a trending fashion choice, more a statement about your personal style. As manly and majestic as this style looks, it isn’t for everyone. It takes a good while to grow your hair to this length and a lot of people find the length impractical for them as it’s growing out - but if you can find nice midway styles through the grow out and get regular shape ups, it’s well worth giving this a go once in your life! This is a style I’d stay away from if your client has super straight or fine/ thinning hair, in my opinion.

The Weeknd

Jonathan: Great look for him! Really good to see the soft braiding without super sharp back and sides, more rockstar finish for cooler finish. This works well with controlling the hair, keeps it soft for more edgy and not too over-done look. It has that natural coolness about it. This looks sits well with his vibe and what he creates musically too. It’s got that effortlessly cool look. It’s not a look that’s for everyone, but works with him.

Josie Jackson

Josie Jackson

Published 05th Aug 2022

Josie supports the team with content for the print magazine, website and social media channels at HJ. Having grown up in a salon environment (thanks to her hairdresser mum) and even working as a Saturday girl before getting her degree in English Literature, Josie feels right at home in the industry. Although she’s experimented with a few creative colour looks in the past, she always comes back to blonde, and loves all things hydrating and bond building.

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