Tips From 2023's British Hairdressing Business Awards Social Stylist Of The Year

Published 10th Feb 2023 by Admin

We spoke to the winner of HJ's British Hairdressing Business Awards Social Stylist of the Year 2022 and 2023, Casey Coleman (@caseyc_hair), about his top tips and the do's and don'ts of social media. There's no doubt that social media plays a large part in the world of hairdressing and for some it's the perfect way to grow your business. Casey showcases his talent through Instagram and TikTok like no one else however it's not just about numbers and likes but the engagement with your audience and turning your skills into thumb-stopping content.


Now is the time to start getting your entries in for the BHBAs, so take a look at Casey's advice and start planning your entry.

DO strike a healthy balance

I grew 4k to 10k in the first three-month lockdown, and since then it’s been on the rapid increase. I posted regular educational content for three months and even sold out several online masterclasses. BUT what I was doing back then won’t necessarily work as well now, as the apps change so frequently. I’ll be honest with you, the pressure to spend 12 hours a day on my socials during lockdown was addictive and unsustainable and I definitely noticed a difference when I went back to work and couldn’t spend as much time online. Now, I post a few quality pieces of content a few times a week and I’m happy with that.

DON’T underestimate the opportunities

I've had some incredible opportunities from social media and this is why I think so many people are missing the mark with online platforms. It can be used as a business tool to attract the opportunities you’d like. I’ve worked on several TV shows including Little Mix The Search, Sex Education, a new Disney production of the 80’s classic, Willow (coming out this November) and I’ve even been asked to go back for the next season of Sex Education. I’ve also won the Social Stylist award at the British Hairdressing Business Awards which has honestly made me feel like I’m being taken seriously. It’s easy to think it’s “just” social media, but I take it very seriously because it’s given me chances I wouldn’t have gotten without it.

DO reap the rewards

I enjoy the confidence social media has given me to be honest. It’s made me feel more comfortable in who I am and what I’m about. I love hair. I love laughing. So, all of my content is filtered through that. I also love my online community. I’ve made so many connections through social media, whether that be professionally or personally, and I hope to make so many more!

DON’T lose your focus

It's very easy to give into something when it does well. For me, it was personality-driven content. When those like, follows and shares roll in, it becomes addictive. But what I found was, people almost forgot that I do hair. So, now with every video, I post an image of hair. I still do hair and I love it, but my job now includes creating relatable content, so I need to be mindful of the balance. 


And Finally

Above all else, remember that social media isn’t real life. Yes, it can be a useful, lucrative business tool – but it can also impact your mental health and relationships if used to excess. Don’t let it consume you – limit your screen time and know when to step away.



Published 10th Feb 2023

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