This noughties hairstyle is perfect for in salon party looks

Published 19th Dec 2021 by akesha
This noughties hairstyle is perfect for in salon party looks As the holiday season rolls around, it seems only fitting to revisit a noughties hairstyle that took inspiration from 1990s layering to celebrate the past in a fresh way! The subtle glam look created by Jonathan Soons, creative ambassador at Headmasters on stylist Donna McCulloch is a great service for clients looking for a glam party season style without much change at all. "The inspiration is from the end of the 1990s, going into millennium. It's heavily inspired by J-Lo hair, when hair started to get a little undone from being glamorous; that was the main reference," says Jonathan Soons, creative ambassadors at Headmasters UK. Here he tells us how to recreate this on trend look for clients this Christmas.

How to Create the Noughties Hairstyle

What we did first of all was rather than doing the length first, we started with the face frame. I took a section down the middle and then put my finger on top of the hairline, choosing the tip of the nose as our guideline, rather than using a triangle section. headmasters noughties hairstyle step 1 I used vertical sections to make the fringe wider and then did a couple of sections going further back, a couple of sections on the other side to make sure the fringe looks symmetrical. Then we did our classic 1990s layering around the face, starting from the bottom, all the way up. We then layered that through afterwards. headmasters noughties hairstyle step 2 To finish up we did a classic 1990s blow-out. For this you go nice and smooth from the roots with a bit of a bounce (but not a flick). J-Lo’s hair is about luxe and money, and we blow-dried the fringe back to get the kick. headmasters noughties hairstyle final look


Published 19th Dec 2021

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