The winners of the british hairdressing awards 2022, sponsored by schwarzkopf professional are here!

Published 29th Nov 2022 by charlottegw
The winners of the british hairdressing awards 2022, sponsored by schwarzkopf professional are here! On Monday 28 November 2022 the winners of the British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional were crowned at the Grosvenor House Hotel, a JW Marriott hotel on London's Park Lane. Hosted by comedian Katherine Ryan, Hairdressers Journal International Executive Director, Jayne Lewis-Orr and Schwarzkopf Professional General Manager UK and Ireland, Julian Crane, the 1300-strong audience were entertained and inspired over the course of the evening with a variety of entertainment. There were fabulous shows from sponsors Schwarzkopf Professional and the seven British Hairdresser of the Year nominees, as well as a performance by artist Professor Green. But the audience were there for one thing, and one thing only – to find out who had won the coveted British Hairdresser of the Year titles. Without further ado, the winners at the British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional are...

Midlands Hairdresser of the Year - Tim Scott-Wright, Tim Scott-Wright

Tim shared: "Thank you Schwarzkopf Professional and HJ for putting on such a great event. Thank you to my wonderful PR team at LWPR. To my SKP UK fellow Ambassadors, I love you all. To my wonderful, wonderful salon team, thank you for putting up with me every day. And to my partner in life and business, Andreas, thank you for supporting me through my journey."

North Western Hairdressers of the Year - Laura and Ria Kulik, The Hairbank

Ria said: "We really didn’t expect to be up here tonight. I’m glad I ended up coming - I just had a baby a few weeks ago! A big thank you to Alan Howard, Matrix, and all of the people that have helped us get here on the way."

Scottish Hairdressers of the Year - Caroline Sanderson and Paul Ralph, Ego Hair Design

Caroline shared: "I’m speechless. I just want to say thank you so much to our amazing team, who helped make this happen, and to Richard Miles, our photographer. But really, I want to pass this over to Paul - I’m so honoured to be able to give you this opportunity." Paul continued: "What do I say? I want to say thank you to Caroline, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be here, and thank you to the team. Thank you for my little salon, in the highlands of Scotland - this means a lot, we’re putting ourselves on the map. This is the second year in a row now, and we’re going to keep going."

North Eastern Hairdressers of the Year - Rick and Zoe Roberts, Rick Roberts

Zoe said: "Firstly, we want to dedicate this award to the most important people in our life, our two sons. I’d also like to say thank you to Jim Shaw for recommending we work together, and to Rick, for the opportunity to shoot this together as a couple." Rick added: "A massive thank you to Jayne, Julian and our Schwarzkopf Professional family. It’s about passion and creativity, for us, and it’s about being here with friends and enjoying the evening. I want to say a massive thank you to all of you guys here in the room -  I know it’s going to be a great night."

Southern Hairdresser of the Year - Andrew Smith, Andrew Smith Salons

Andrew said: "There are a few thank yous that I really need to remember, the first being our product brand we work so closely with, Milkshake Hair. Richard Miles is a magician - he always taps into your mind and shares your thoughts on paper, so I couldn’t have done it without him. I also want to say thank you to all the magazine editors, the PR teams and the marketing people, because we as hairdressers do these amazing things - these amazing shows - and without PR and magazines, no one would ever know about it. So, I’m gonna give a really big shout out to our PR, AJC."

Wales and South West Hairdresser of the Year - Steven Smart, Smartest 73

Steven said: "Thank god I wore this suit. This is my third award, and the Hall of Fame, so I am incredibly proud. Thank you so much to Schwarzkopf Professional and HJ for putting on such an incredible event, as always. Thank you to all the judges, and a big thank you to my amazing wife, who does the makeup and the styling for my collections."

Eastern Hairdresser of the Year - Rebecca Jacques, Daniel Granger Hairdressing 

Rebecca shared: "There’s so many people I want to thank. Firstly Jayne, HJ and Julian - but also to so many people in this room. Over the decade that I’ve stood in this room, so many of you have mentored me and inspired me, given me tough love, and advice I can pass down forever - so thank you. A massive shout out to all the finalists in my category: I studied your work at Salon International, and it was phenomenal, so it’s an honour to be in this category with you."

London Hairdresser of the Year - Jordanna Cobella, Cobella

Jordanna said: "Thank you to my amazing team at Cobella, my mum and my dad. Thank you to my amazing boyfriend - I know I’m very chaotic. To make not only our clients look good, but feel good, for me is special, and the emotional side of hairdressing to me is so special. People underestimate the emotional intelligence needed for this job. Well done to everyone in this room. We’re amazing."

International Collection of the Year - Viktoriia Vradii, Le Salon VRV

Viktoriia Vradii shared: "It’s incredible. What am I doing with my life? I don’t have the words. I would like to say thank you very much to my team and my photographer, Desmond."

A huge congratulations to the following Hall of Fame entrants at the British Hairdressing Awards 2022:

Rick Roberts, Afro Hairdresser of the Year Hall of Fame Sharon Malcolm, Northern Ireland Hairdresser of the Year Hall of Fame Shaun Hall, Midlands Hairdresser of the Year Hall of Fame Sylvestre Finold, Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year Hall of Fame

Trend Image of the Year - Jo Lomax, Smartest 73

Jo said: "Thank you so much to Steven Smart, and everyone else for your amazing support. I can’t believe this is actually happening."

Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year - Enrica Russo, Danilo Hair Boutique

Enrica shared: "There are so many people I would like to thank. It’s my very first collection and I didn’t expect to win at my first show. All of the finalists are amazing - that’s why I didn’t expect to win. Thank you to my family - especially my sister - my salon, and Julie from Gorgeous PR. And, to the most amazing photographer, Chris, thank you so much."

Men’s Hairdresser of the Year - George Smith, TONI&GUY Salisbury

George said: "Thank you guys, I love you so much. Thank you to the team. Thank you to Julie at Gorgeous PR. Thank you to Jayne and Julian. My photographer, the guy is an absolute legend. What an honour to stand on the same stage that both my mum and dad have - thank you so much."

Afro Hairdresser of the Year - Stephanie and Ashley Gamble, Ashley Gamble Hair

Ashley said: "Wow. I actually never though I would be up here with Jayne and Julian, so thank you. I actually want to stand here a bit longer with them if I can. I’ve wanted to stand here from such a young age. I breathe the BHAs every year, despite having a bit of a knock back previously. Without Steph, I wouldn’t be here. A big thank you to the Schwarzkopf Professional team, too."

Newcomer of the Year - Emy Roccabella, Danilo Hair Boutique

Emy shared: "First of all I want to thank Jayne and HJ for organising such a great platform and an amazing evening - I can’t thank you enough. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by my family, who always support me in everything that I do, and thank you Danilo Giangreco, for encouraging and  inspiring me every day!"

Artistic Team of the Year - Hooker & Young Art Team

Michael said: "I don’t even know where to start. We just sat there through a couple of awards, and I said, ‘If only we win Artistic Team'. This is the dream because this is the first time we've won Artistic Team."

Gary added: "We strive to always make sure we try and nurture the team, so for us to win this award is a testament to our team; this award means the world. Thank you so much Jayne. We did it!"

Eugene Souleiman - Session Hairdresser of the Year

Eugene said: "This has been a bit of a night, hasn’t i!. I only just finished work! Thank you so much, I’m really humbled. Thank you."

Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Technician of the Year - Daniel Spiller, Marc Antoni

Daniel shared: "I know everyone says this, but I actually haven’t thought about a speech. There are so many people that made this happen. I’ve been here for the last 20 years and it truly is the most inspiring part of our industry, so I’m privileged to be here. Thank you to my team, to Joico, and to my wife. "

And finally, the British Hairdresser of the Year 2022 - Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY.

Cos said: "Thanks to Peter, who was here when I won newcomer. Thank you to Jayne, who has always been a big supporter. To Sacha Mascolo, my biggest supporter. Thank you to my team - look, we didn't win tonight, but I love my team, you are the best team; you don't understand how beautiful and talented you are."



Published 29th Nov 2022

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