The rise of the backwash ritual: do clients just want to sleep?

Published 27th Jul 2019 by akesha
The rise of the backwash ritual: do clients just want to sleep? It's no surprise really that clients might be looking for an even more relaxing experience when it comes to their hair appointment. With the ravages of everyday life the salon has always been a place where people go to unwind, and now more than ever clients want to escape. Because of this the backwash, and new rituals surrounding this salon step, is becoming an even bigger part of a client's appointment. "At my salon, we always offer the client the option of a scalp massage," says Paul Edmonds, Shu Uemera Art of Hair ambassador. "Not all clients want them but when they do they are given a pre-set routine, which has the aim of relaxing the client, removing tension in the scalp, thereby improving blood circulation and ultimately the health of the hair." Both relaxing and fortifying for the hair condition the additional service has great benefits for clients. Paul thinks it also give salons an edge over competition when it comes to business. "It is a great USP for your customer journey in the salon to ensure that the backwash experience is utilised to its full potential," he says. Noticing the ever-growing popularity of backwash rituals Alter Ego has recently released their range, The Scalp Collection, for prolonging the backwash experience for salons that stock their products. The Scalp Collection comprises of three main prescriptions; Calming, Energizing and Pure Balancing which all depend on the condition of the client's scalp. Once the scalp condition is diagnosed then the ritual can begin: STEP 1: PREPARATION Alter Ego Scalp Collection preparation treatments respond to the different requirements and needs of the scalp and are massaged in prior to cleansing. The scalp is purified and cleansed, taking the skin to its optimal condition in preparation the next steps. STEP 2: CLEANSING The scalp is delicately purified, restoring its natural balance. Pair this step with a relaxing scalp massage to stimulate cellular renewal and relax the muscles. There’s an Alter Ego Scalp Collection Shampoo to benefit the needs of the specific client's scalp. STEP 3: TREATMENT The Alter Ego Detangling Conditioner is applied to the hair adding essential nourishment and detangling the hair. Suitable for all hair types, this treatment adds elasticity and softness whilst restoring hydration. Early adopters of the spa backwash experience, Takara Belmont have brought their state of the art Yume (DX) couch to the UK market. The couch is super comfortable and perfectly designed to elevate your client's backwash experience to new levels. With a full backwash recline, double gel-filled neck cushions with gel-filled head pillows and a clever hair-trap system to remove water - the chair feels luxuriously comfortable and is perfectly suited for trying backwash rituals. It even allows salons to incorporate the innovative Spa Mist II treatment processor to enhance your treatment as your clients relax. backwash scalp care Not only do treatments and rituals such as these give clients an indulgent salon experience it's also a great opportunity to up sell your salon's retail component, allowing your client to continue their treatment journey at home.


Published 27th Jul 2019

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