The Perfect Salon Experience: Myla and Davis

Published 08th Aug 2023 by hjiadmin

With four locations across south east London, Myla and Davis is all about enhancing, not dominating, the local area.

HJ spoke to Zea Tongeman, the Social Media Manager at Myla and Davis from outside the East Dulwich branch of Myla and Davis, where the ethos of the much-loved south east London salon group is really brought to life. “Our owner Katya (Milavic Davies) is obsessed with shop exteriors and how they reflect the community,” she explained. “At Myla and Davis, we like to stand out, but we never want to dominate any part of the community. We have an overall Myla and Davis aesthetic, but each salon has its own identity.”

In fact, each salon front is painted a different colour – East Dulwich is a sage green, Deptford a natural stone shade, Brixton a rich navy blue and Herne Hill is a chic salmon pink. They all work seamlessly together as a colour palette, but each salon very much has its own identity.

From the outset, founder and Managing Director Katya had a clear design vision, and the team worked with a joiner to realise that dream. For Katya Myla and Davis all about working with original, existing features. Herne Hill, for example was originally a betting shop and it had a “gorgeous pink terrazzo floor”. The team chose salmon pink shade for the shop exterior, because “although it is relatively neutral, it still stands out on the high street,” Zea adds.

As a company, Myla and Davis is not just about embracing the individuality of their salon spaces, but the uniqueness of their stylists too. “In terms of hairdressing, we build on what our stylists come to us with. We allow them to embrace their individuality as a stylist. We have an in-house training academy so we’re always looking to nurture new and passionate people, and they don’t necessary have to be a hairdresser already,” explains Zea.

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So far, so wholesome – and when you add in the home-from-home interiors, the partnerships with local businesses and the all-important local coffee, you can see why Myla and Davis is a great place to be. “We sit at the heart of our communities and work with many local small businesses – for example all our books are from a nearby bookshop, in East Dulwich our wine and coffee is local and we always get involved in school fairs giving away prizes.”

When it came to furniture, the team didn’t deliberate for long on who to choose. “It was always a no-brainer to go for a chair like Takara Belmont Vintage Alt, it works well with the simplicity of our services,” explains Zea. “We have the same chair across all the salons – black chairs were the best option for us as they’re low-key, easy to clean and work well with every décor. Takara Belmont are unmatched with their service, we worked with the Moda team and together they helped bring our vision to life.”

To passers by, you might think that the Myla and Davis salons are coffee shops or local lifestyle stores. “We’ve had our moments when we’re like is it obvious enough that we’re a salon?” jokes Zea. But therein lies the charm – a salon front and interior so intriguing you can’t help but come in off the high street.

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Published 08th Aug 2023

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