The Perfect Salon Experience: Eco-Inspired Gender-Neutral Grooming

Published 02nd Apr 2024 by hjiadmin

LíMON.Studio brings gender-neutral grooming to Winchester based around inclusivity and the customer experience, with the help of Takara Belmont. 

Dylan Límon’s ambition of opening a barbershop was realised after meeting his soulmate Ellie Brenchley in Australia in 2018. “From then on, LÍMON.Studio became our joint venture,” says Ellie.

From Canberra to Winchester!

While Covid-19 halted their plans to open in Canberra, they arrived in Winchester post- pandemic and, as Dylan explains, transitioning their vision to Winchester was effortless. “Ellie came from near there, so it felt right. We found a great location, and everything fell into place. I worked in barbers for years making notes about everything that was wrong, so

we focused on creating an immersive flow combining exclusivity, inclusivity and high-end functionality to enhance service experiences.”

A unique concept with a sustainability ethos

Achieving an ‘urban meets luxury’ feel, LÍMON. Studio is bold and stimulating without being overpowering or over-sensory. Using 80% recycled or repurposed materials, a beautiful privacy screen separates the backwash
area, reclaimed scaffolding boards serve as shelving, and well-appointed plants create a naturally calming effect.

Mineral-based paints in grey with hints of yellow projected through backlighting create a pleasing effect, and everything feels intentional – even down to aluminium skirtings designed not to collate cut hair, and boxed wirings so everything looks neat.


It’s all about the experience

So, how does equipment ensure client experiences lie at the heart of every visit? “Equipment is central to achieving this,” continues Dylan. “Takara Belmont was the only brand we considered because it’s the best. Barbers use the best tools and products for the best cut, so why wouldn’t you provide the best chairs and backwash?”

While the Pandora reception desk from Takara Belmont’s furniture range creates an unmissable first impression, Dainty chairs in grey with contrasting piping strike a gender-neutral note that sits with LÍMON.Studio's ethos. “We’re engaged with the LGBT+ community and women with shorter styles who want the skills of a barber without going to a traditional shop. Dainty’s capture the gender- neutral feel of our brand,” says Ellie.

The RS Prime backwash also enhances the LÍMON.Studio experience. “With a wide basin and gel-filled neck cushion, every client says how comfortable it is,” says Dylan. “Thermostatic control means we can set the perfect temperature too.”

Inviting and intimate, LÍMON.Studio adds a contemporary dimension to Winchester but, as Dylan explains,
it underlines an astute business approach.“We charge a premium price for a premium product and if I could say one thing to other salons, it would be to invest in the best first time. You may not get a second chance.”

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Takara Belmont. 

Recreate the Look

Dainty grooming chair
The Dainty adapts seamlessly to any salon setting. Customise from a wide range of colours, contrasting piping, bases and fabric options, as its 360o (lockable) base rotation and reclining backrest ease your client into the most comfortable service position.With an adjustable and removable headrest, upholstered padded armrests and a footrest, Dainty is distinctive, timeless and extremely robust.

RS Prime backwash
With feature-rich specification, RS Prime's ceramic basin with 16o tilt-mechanism combines with a gel-filled neck cushion to ensure supreme comfort while alleviating neck and back pain. With thermostatic control that regulates water pressure and temperature, and a free-swivelling intelligent shower head with retracting cord, a premium shampoo service is assured every time.
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Published 02nd Apr 2024

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